Friday, 12 June 2020




Oramor Muffin & Oramor Cookie 
Singapore - Oramor Muffin.
"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"
It's me, Oramor Muffin!

Singapore  - Oramor Muffin and Oramor Cookie.  
Proud owners Ruth and Brad Carson and Junice Liew. 4/5/20

From Hong Kong:-

Hello Sue,
Today is the 5th birthday of Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi.  I would like to share the happiness with you.  I assure you that they are extraordinarily happy with us in Hong Kong. πŸ˜€
Sorry that I couldn't take good photos of themπŸ˜‚ 
Cheers, Sam 1/5/20
Oramor Cosmo and baby brother,Oramor Milo.

Proudly owned by Denise Purvis.

Oramor Milo is absolutely stunning Sue! He loves his big bro Oramor Cosmo too. Has a beautiful mellow personality.

Proudly owned by Denise Purvis. 23/4/20

Oramor Fergus and Oramor Mirren
Oramor Fergus and Oramor Mirren receiving plenty of cuddles now we home.
Thank you.
From Kathy Ferguson,  Townsville.March, 24th, 2020.
              Oramor Klaus and Oramor Beatrix ❤️
Owned by Amelia Jane.
Oramor George,  Taylor and Edna 
Owned by Andy Clarke and Tony Marsh

Oramor George and Oramor Edna in the library with a monkey.  ISO Family Fun

Proudly owned by Tony Marsh and Andy Clarke,  Sydney. 20/4/20
Enough is enough. The global economy has taken a historic plunge over the past month. It’s time to consider a practical plan for protecting public health—while also allowing for a return to work and, hopefully, a revival of the economy.
Oh, who am I kidding?  On behalf of cats everywhere, I’ll just say it: We want everyone out of the house.
It was cute for a while, but the party is over. We’re sick of this quarantine, shelter-in-place directive.
Sheltering in place? That’s a cat’s job. Cats invented sheltering in place—sleeping in the windowsill, the corner of the couch, the sock drawer in the closet and, if it gets a little too noisy, under the bed, eyes open, annoyed. Cats know what it takes to stay home all the time. We’re just tired of sharing our home with everybody else.
Have we liked getting snacks at unexpected hours? Sure. Is it nice to roll around on that warm laptop keyboard during Zoom calls? Sure is. Warm keyboards are heaven.
But it’s got to be too much. The other day I walked into the kitchen and saw someone standing in my 9 a.m. sun spot. So rude. That sun spot is only there for 15 minutes a day!  We (sort of) love you, and appreciate the occasional pats on the head, but cats are not the most social creatures. Sure, there are some exceptions. You might have one of those cats who actually enjoys human company. Congratulations.
But the vast majority of us—
Sorry. Where was I? Right. The vast majority of cats are ready for you to get back to work. Or just leave the house for longer than 15 minutes.
Please consider it. Not for your country. For cats.
[With thanks to the human who originally wrote this and Erin for the photo]

Proud owners Andy and Tony,  Sydney.
Oramor Bassy
   Vale Oramor Bassy  - from Leah Jones
Oh Sue, I miss Oramor Bassy so much.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for Oramor Bassy - he was such good fun, and so naughty, and so exquisite, and I just loved him to pieces. 
I didn't mind that Harry was his favourite, I only ever want my animals to be as happy as they can, and if that doesn't involve me, that's ok.  I don't mean I don't care as such, but I want THEM to be happy - that's what I've given them a home for - the terms of that doesn't depend on me, it's what THEY want - and if they aren't happy, it's MY fault - not theirs.  Thank God, that's never happened -
                                 From Hong Kong.  

Hello Sue, 
I hope you remember me.  I adopted Oramor Ella and Oramor  Cleo from you more than 17 years ago and brought them to live in Hong Kong. We were doing just fine - both cats have been very healthy over the years and it looked like they would both go on forever but sadly Oramor Ella developed a twisted bowel.  Sadly on 14th February,  my son and I made the decision to let her go. Looking back now I just don’t know how I got through the following weeks.  
Oramor Cleo is extremely healthy and, although I believe she misses her sister terribly, is getting twice as much affection and attention now.  Apart from a few missing teeth, she’s still behaving like a kitten at times. She insists on sitting on my left shoulder or anyone’s left shoulder for that matter.  She’s still very noisy and demanding.
I’m sorry to have to tell you of Oramor Ella’s passing but I felt you would wish to know.  We have had more than 17 wonderful years with these two beautiful, adorable cats and hope to have Oramor Cleo for several more.
I hope all is as well as can be expected with you in these difficult times we are experiencing right now and I wish that you and your family stay safe and well.
With kindest regards

Sue Hadaway, Hong Kong. 1/5/20


Happy birthday to Oramor Katie Grace on her first birthday πŸ˜»πŸŽ‰πŸ’«
Proudly owned by Katrine Condon,  Melbourne. Feb. 202

Oramor Rory

Oramor Rory enjoying life. 😻
He’s such a beautiful boy we love him so much. πŸ’• I need a house full of Oramors.. πŸ₯°
Owner Mill Alpha.
Oramor Raggie
From Lisa McKeown.
24th March,2020
 Oramor Max& Oramor Seb

From Chris Hoskins. 
While Oramor Max was napping today, Oramor Seb was busy giving him a good bath ...
he must have needed it! March, 2020
Hi Sue Max and Seb not exactly adhering to our new social distancing rules----

Singapore-Oramor Cookie

Singapore  - Oramor Muffin 
Proudly owned by Ruth and Brad and Aunty Junice. March, 2020

  Oramor Bodhi

From Rebecca Hitchings, Hervey Bay.
Hi Sue,
Today is Oramor Bodhi’s 4th birthday (18/02).
I wondered if you would post him on your Facebook page. πŸ™‚
We love him so much. He’s so tolerant of the kids attention and loudness, and has such a quirky and sweet personality. He’s a member of the family, not a pet. Feb, 2020

Singapore - Oramor Muffin
From Ruth Carson, Singapore:
Hello Sue, Oramor Cookie and Oramor Muffin are the two most spoilt kitties in Singapore and loving life here!
From Margot McIlwain,WA. 
Oramor Burmese and Siamese fur-children surveying the damage after the storm. 
Cats and dogs checking everything at the front door.
All in all lots to clean up but we are safe and we are thankful for that 😊 Dec. 2019
Oramor Cosmo

From Jason Owen.
Hi Sue, 
Thank you, Oramor Cosmo is pretty awesome and his best mate is a 20kg Staffy. February,2020.
Oramor Mr.BEANS
Mummy's Boy

 Proudly owned by Ashleigh Baxter. Feb, 2020

Owned by Ashleigh Baxter,  March, 2020
 Oramor Charlie 

Proudly owned by Maria Anderson 
Oramor Vegus & Oramor Viva

From Jo-Ann Adams.
These twoπŸ˜˜πŸ˜†Oramor Vegas turned 3 on Tuesday, Oromor Viva 5 on Saturday .
How lucked we are! ❤️❤️Our beautiful fur babies Feb, 2020
Oramor Pearl
Proudly owned by Pip Courtney, March, 2020
From Hong Kong - Chinese New Year

Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi.  Share with you the joy. :-)

Sam Chan.Feb, 2020

Oramor Ella
Proudly owned by Edith North. Feb, 2020
Singapore - Oramor Steve
Proudly owned by Natalie Salord. March, 2020
Oramor Taylor 
December 25th 2019,
Proud owners Andy and Tony 

Oramor Taylor,George and Dame Edna.

Paris - Napoleon from Oramor

Our sweet boy Napoleon from Oramor enjoying the park in Paris, France. 3/11/2019
Emily Anne

 SINGAPORE - Oramor Stephane.

From proud owners Alban & Natalie Salord.
Hi Sue, Oramor Stephane, blue Burmese has settled really fast and gets on well with his big sister Lucy our Dog. Lovely little guy. Very well trained and friendly with everyone.
Kind regards, Alban.
HONG KONG - Oramor Burmese and Siamese Kittens 
Proudly Owned By Graham Ford 

Oramor Cookie and Oramor Muffin.
Happy 1st Birthday.
Proudly owned by Brad and Ruth Carson and Junice Liew.

Singapore - Oramor Cookie, Blue Burmese


 Oramor Vanilla Muffin, Lilac 


Singapore-Oramor Muffin 



December, 2019.

             Singapore - Oramor Cookie              



Owned by Brad, Ruth & Junice. Dec. 2019.

 Christmas is so exciting for kittens. The Christmas tree 🌲🐾😺, the ornaments, the presents, the paper, the bags. Oramor Daenarys πŸ’— is in her element. πŸ˜‚
Proudly owned by Lisa McKeown. December, 2019


 Oramor Raggie is quite the model 🐾

Proudly owned by Lisa McKeown.

 Oramor Maximilian and Oramor Sadie enjoying their breakfast... today marks 7yrs since Maximilian arrived with us in Darwin... what a cute little kitten he was and such a handsome cat he has turned out to be... thank you Sue!


 Proudly owned by Enid North, Maryborough.Q
Oramor Inka

From Cathy Howe. Gympie. Oct, 2019.
Look what I found in my costume bag... 🐈.... she's a funny girl my Oramor Inka.. πŸ’œ.. she loves the prettiest of things..


Oramor Daenary

 The look of trouble aka I didn't do it Mum, it was my brother

  Oramor Daenarys has definitely settled in. πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸˆπŸΎ.
Proudly owned by Lisa McKeown, Qld Oct, 2019.
Oramor Rory
Oramor Rory.. 😻
Proudly owned by Camilla Akers.

 16th December, 2019.

Owned by Mitchell Baxter & family, Maryborough, Q 5/7/19
 Oramor Thiha

Oramor Thiha soaking up the sunlight this morning.
  Owned by Cheyanne Lavelle. 23/6/19

Happy 2nd Birthday Oramor Gracie.
Proudly owned by Enid North.21/6/19
Oramor Vivienne

Happy birthday - It’s Oramor Vivienne’s 2ndbirthday ! XxxxπŸŽ‰ 
The light of our lives. Thanks Sue. 
πŸŽ‰Proudly owned by Cathie Carvell.21/6/19

Hong Kong - Oramor Lycan & Oramor Coco

Oramor Lycan and Oramor Coco  enjoying their life with Nick Marsh & Family Hong Kong. 
 June,13th 2019.

Oramor Dame Edna

From Oramor Edna: Good morning Daddy, I am know it’s early (4.30 am) but I is hungry. 
Can I have some snacks, can I? Can I?
Proud owner Tony Marsh and Andy Clarke, 

Oramor George 

October, 2019

Oramor George

Oramor Dame Edna and Taylor, June, 2019.

Proudly Owned by Andy Clarke and Tony Marsh. 4/7/19


Singapore - Oramor Cookie & Oramor Muffin 

"Mummy Mummy what are you doing?" Our Oramor Cookie and Muffin are fluffy shadows who follow me everywhere, Sue! Including watching me chopping onions in the kitchen! πŸ˜‚. They're the absolute best and I can't imagine life without them. Special thanks to Tony Marsh and Andy for introducing Burms and Oramor to us. 
So grateful.
Ruth and Brad Carson.

Oramor Burmese Cookie.

Singapore-Oramor Vanilla Muffin. 
Ruth Carson...Some photos of Muffin to brighten your day Sue! She's the sweetest.13/6/19

                                                      HONG KONG

Hi Sue, Today is Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hois’ 4th birthday.  Share with you the joy. :-)
Sam Chan.1st May, 2019


Oramor Inka

OMG.. ITS ONLY 9 degrees here this morning and we are not getting out of bed till it's a respectable temperature. Oramor INKA...🀣🀣🀣😼
Proudly owned by Cathy Howe.
7th May, 2019
Oramor Burmese George, Taylor and Edna 

Proudly owned by Andy Clarke, Tony Marsh. 8th May, 2019 
Oramor Katie Grace

Proudly owned by Katrine Condon, Melbourne.8th June,2019  
Oramor George 
The softest, fluffiest, warmest towel. Comes with a purr motor ❤️ Oramor George.
Owned by Jenni Joh.

Oramor George loves to use anything and everything for a pillow 😁 love gorgeous Georgeous ❤️❤️❤️   October, 2019.

 Oramor Burmese Edith

Kelly Forbes Brooker....

Oramor Edith napping on Oramor Henry,Siamese. πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ€£ Who’s the queen of all she surveys? πŸ‘‘


Oramor SuzieQ & Oramor Koda

Hello Sue,

Oramor Suzie Q and Oramor Koda snuggling as the weather cools down. I love seeing them like this. 

Regards, Sue and Darren Stevens & family. 7th May, 2019. 

Oramor Blue Burmese Boston. 
Proud owner Kari Williams.
7th May,  2019

ORAMOR SUEPURRR - Ex Breeding Queen


 Hi Sue, 
Rocco is 4 today. Naturally still as handsome as ever and keeping mum and dad on their toes....he rules the house :-)
 Proud owner Renee Maitre 30/4/19


Oramor Klaus & Oramor Beatrix

Oramor Klaus. Chocolate and Oramor Beatrix, brown, are settling in beautifully. They are both an absolute delight, we couldn't be happier to have them both join our family!  πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

Thanks so much Sue! ❤️ They seem so comfortable and relaxed already, you certainly raise outstanding, beautiful, confident little kittens! πŸ’ž

Proud owner Amelia Gulliver, Canberra.April, 2019.

Singapore-Oramor Cookie & Oramor Muffin. 
Owners Ruth and Brad Carson

"We beg for treats like puppies"~~Oramor Cookie and Oramor Muffin. 
Proudly owned by Ruth and Brad Carson Brad Carson.

7th May,2019.
- Hong Kong -
Coco and Lycan Oramor at home in Hong Kong - now 11 months old.  Pure gold ❤️ Proudly owned by Nick Mars & Family. March, 2019.


Chinese New Year of the Pig - Hong Kong
Oramor Yee Fuk and Oramor Hoi Hoi

Hi Sue, We’d like to send our warmest greetings to you on the Chinese New Year.  
Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi are living happily in Hong Kong.
Cheers,Sam. 5/2/19
Oramor Gracie.
Hi Sue, I just wanted to let you know Oramor Gracie has settled in really well and enjoys hanging out in her enclosure on our veranda.
Kind regards, Kathryn McIntyre


Singapore-Oramor Cookie and Oramor Muffin.
Owned by Brad and Ruth Carson.


 Thank you so much for your wonderful care of Oramor Gracie She is very confident and will make a lovely addition to our family.
Kind regards,
Kathryn McIntyre, Witta.1/2/19
 Proud owner: Jo-Ann Adams, 7th Feb,'19

Oramor Ragnar - Brown Burmese

Merry Christmas Sue. ❤️ 
Oramor Ragnar and Lisa McKeown. 24/12/18

 Oramor Nyxie - BROWN BURMESE

Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 
Love our little brown baby, Oramor Nyxie
Proud owner Patricia Bruce, Cairns.25/12/18


Proudly owned by Jennifer John 25/12/18

Hello Sue.  Today is Oramor Layla’s second birthday and wanted to let you know that she is healthy, happy and loved. She is a beautiful girl with a very big personality. Very naughty  and very nice.
Oramor Harry,Darwin 
Proudly owned by Michaela McNair.
 Oramor Kobe - Chocolate Burmese

Hi Sue, Merry Christmas from Oramor Kob. Proudly owned by Vicki Smith, Tenterfield. NSW


Proudly owned by Vickie Muldoon

Happy 10 th Birthday Oramor Honeybear we all love you so much. 

Sue Flavel thank you so much for our beautiful Boy. 8/1/19

 Oramor Lycan and Oramor Coco - showing some sisterly love (and who’s boss!)

Merry Christmas - Tony Marsh 25/12/18

SINGAPORE - Safe arrival Oramor Burmese Kittens.

Oh Sue we are so in love, thank you so much for these bubs. 
And Andy Clarke I'm SO GLAD AND THANKFUL you introduced your gorgeous kitties and Sue to us. Cannot be happier xoxoxo Ruth Carson 4/1/19

Hi Sue, Just wanted to share some photos of Oramor cookie and Oramor Muffin with you. They are thriving and absolutely spoiled - - enjoying life in Singapore! 5/1/19

Oramor Blueberry Cookie - Blue Burmese

Singapore- Ruth Carson
Oramor Burmese enjoying life in Singapore!
Thank you again for these bundles of joy.

Ruth Carson πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– You have the most wonderful, affectionate and gorgeous Burmese, Sue! So happy Tony and Andy introduced us - - our lives are forever changed for the happier. Cookie and Muff Muff are settling in very well - - eating, playing, sleeping and being bundles of absolute joy. Thank you again! 5/1/19

Oramor Vanilla Muffin

 So blessed to have these two gorgeous Oramor Burmese kittens join Brad Carson and me as expat kitties in Singapore! Blueberry Cookie is boisterous, inquisitive and loves giving kisses; Vanilla Muffin is sweet natured and loves giving cuddles and snuggling in bed with her humans. Beautiful bubs are from Sue Flavel of Burmese and Siamese by Oramor in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. Cannot recommend Sue and her stunning cats more. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί❤️πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί❤️.


 Oramor Vanilla Muffin & Blueberry Kookie - 
Destination Singapore, 4th January, 2019.
Proudly owned by Brad & Ruth Carson.

 Oramor Tigger - Milwaukee, WI
18 years old

Oramor Tigger relaxing by the fire in Milwaukee, WI (he’ll be 18 this year... he was so depressed after Violet passed away [we both were] - he was moping around and I was so worried about him. Now we have a 1 year old rescue dog, Mina, and Tig and Mina are besties! He has a new lease on life!)
Melissa Yun.  6/1/19

Proudly owned by Andy Clark& Tony Marsh, December, 2018.

 Tony Marsh and Oramor Boy George, Dec,2018.
 Oramor Edna & Oramor Taylor
Proudly owned By Chris & Trish Hoskin, Melbourne. December, 2018.
From Chris Hoskins.
Hi Sue, The boys are getting ready for πŸŽ…πŸ»
Cheers Chris . 24/12/18


Love our little brown baby, Oramor Nyxie.  
Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 
 From Patricia Bruce.


From Sue Condi S.A.
Merry Christmas Sue from Oramor Bailey (12 yrs)

He is a real credit to you Sue Flavel The most amazing cat. Loves everyone.
Oramor Bailey Brown Boy. 12 years old. Morning snooze in garden.
Owned by Sue Conidi, South Australia.
Mr Bailey Brown Boy in his early days. He is now 12 yrs.
 Michaela McNair - Darwin.
Sue has the most beautiful Burmese cats.
This is our handsome Oramor Harry from Sue 😻 Nov, '18

   Oramor Josie - Brown Burmese

 Oramor Josie is just perrrrfect for us. Tammy-Lee Short  14/10/18 


Proudly owned by Mrs. Natalie Martin,
Mackay. Sept,'18

Brown Burmese 
Oramor Miss Nova & Oramor Miss Brock

  From Jill Bryant.
Oramor Miss Nova (L) 6 years Oramor Miss Brock(R) 7 years in December
They are wonderful, Sue! Thank you for allowing us to become fur-parents to them. xx 
September, "18
  Oramor Miss Audrey - Chocolate Burmese

Someone does not like getting out of bed from under the warm covers on these chilly mornings...we love our Miss Audrey. Proudly owned by Sandra Leanne. Sept,'18

 Hong Kong
 Oramor Coco and Oramor Lycan - 
From proud owner - Nick Marsh
Sisterly love


  Oramor Edith - Chocolate Burmese

Baby Oramor Edith has arrived to play with her big brother Oramor Henry. She is a pudding puff who looks more like a miniature teddy bear and has entranced us all πŸ’•


ORAMOR FERGUS - Chocolate Burmese. 

Proud owner Jenni Joh.

Good morning Sue. Oramor Fergus is going really well - he’s a big boy and eats like a machine 😊Very affectionate- when he wants to be and quite playful. Learning not to do naughty things, but still trying to.  

We all love him 😊

Blue Burmese

From Michaela McNair, Darwin. Oramor Harry, 1st Birthday.
And we love him. Thankyou Sue 30/9/18

Birthday Girl Oramor Ella - Lilac Burmese

From Edith North.  Our beautiful girls :)  Birthday Girl Oramor Ella 1 year old today (on the left) Oramor Gracie 2 -  15 months 

 Happy 1st Birthday to my beautiful but sassy little girl. Not sure you've grown that much in a year....but what you lack in size you sure as hell make up for in attitude πŸ˜… You certainly march to the beat of your own drum, and I love you all the more for that
Lisa Yancic. 30/9/18


  From Susan Stevens- Oramor Koda is settling in nicely. He is a cheeky boy and full of energy.
Oramor Suzie Q, (Retired Queen) is not so impressed with the new addition as we are, but she will slowly come around.
Thank you again for these beautiful cats. They are just lovely.  September, 2018.

 Hi Sue,
Oramor Koda (Chocolate Kitten) and Oramor Susie Q (Retired Breeding Queen) have made friends. She likes to clean him and he likes to pounce on her for a play. 
Here they are sharing the same spot for a nap.
Susan Stevens, Gympie. Qld 
September, 2018.

Oramor Dame Edna 


Tony Marsh, Sydney. 15/11/18
Hey look, it’s me Oramor Edna. I’m on the catwalk. Get it . CAT - WALK. Thank me later .

Oramor George & Oramor Dame Edna

From Tony Marsh, Sydney,
Oramor George & Oramor Dame Edna.
This is me and my sister chilling last night. Happy Thursday! Boy George.September,'18

Proudly owned by Tony Marsh June, 2018.
Proudly owners Andy Clarke & Tony Marsh
 Oramor George
 Oramor Taylor


 Oramor Iggy(Blue Burmese, Oramor Lenny(Chocolate Burmese) and Oramor Audrey, Siamese - W.A.

 Hi Sue

Oramor Iggy, Oramor Lenny and Oramor Audrey are doing great although Lenny (chocolate) is the naughty one with a very strong personality! Last week he knocked the tap in the laundry and flooded the whole house 😳 he’s very demanding but we love him dearly Margot McIlwain, W.A.

 Oramor Yee Fuk and Oramor Hoi Hoi - Hong Kong

 Oh, thanks Sue for posting my beloved Oramor Yee Fuk and Oramor Hoi Hois' photo. They are 18 months now and living in Hong Kong happily. Will send you more pics later.                                          Thanks again for sending me the little angels. Sam Chan.





 Proudly owned by Jo-ann Adams 25/5/18

Oramor Princesses, Gracie and Ella

From Enid North.
It is a hard life Sue !
Cuddled up in bed just now. lol
The Oramor Princesses, Gracie and Ella are very happy and loving this cooler weather. May, 2018.




ORAMOR PUZZLE - Dundowran Beach. Qld.
Hello Sue,
Just a quick note to let you know how little Oramor Puzzle is doing.
He has settled into our home perfectly already! He has been eating and drinking very well and has not missed using the litter tray once. He has been enjoying playing with our 3 girls and spent time on my husband and my laps last night when the girls were asleep. He seems very content, purring often and we have not heard him crying during the night at all yet. He is very tolerant of the girls, allowing Emma to brush his fur with a baby brush yesterday much to her delight, and later fell asleep snuggled up beside Emma as she watched TV.
We are all quite besotted with our Oramor Puzzle and he is already a well loved member of our family.
Thank you again for choosing us to be his family.
Kind regards, Jo Thomas. 19/5/18



Hi Sue, It was Rocco’s 3rd Birthday today. He was very spoilt and had 3 outside play times. He is always spoilt though. He’s getting cuddlier with the cooler weather, I love it. I hope you are well.
Renee, Pete & Rocco 😽  30/4/18



2 year old Oramor Edna, Brown Burmese, Sydney. 
Proud owners Andy Clarke and Tony Marsh. Mar,'18

 Oramor Dame Edna, Oramor George, OramorTaylor, owners Andy Clarke and Tony Marsh.
Weekend walks: one on a Friday and two daily every Saturday and Sunday. We are lucky, lucky cats...
Sydney. May, 2018.

 Oramor Taylor


Oramor Truffle doing well and patiently waiting to see Vet for vaccinations!
Fiona Cummings - HONG KONG  May, 2018


From Pip Courtney - Brisbane.

 Hi Sue
Oramor CocoBean (15 Yrs Old) is wonderful friends with Oramor Sheriff Walt Longmire (4 mthsold) and Oramor Pearl (4 mths old). The little ones love her to bits. 4/4/18 




Proudly owner Michaela McNair

This little bundle of furry love refuses to leave my side as Tropical Cyclone Marcus arrives in Darwin 😻🌬πŸŒͺπŸ’¨ Michaela McNair.


 Oramor George, Oramor Edna And Oramor Taylor 
                         relaxing and enjoying the Sydney sun.

Proudly owned by Andy Clarke & Tony Marsh



  Oramor Burmese Leila (brown) and Simba (choc)

 Hello Sue,
 I just wanted to send you an update with our two Oramor Burmese Leila (brown) and Simba (choc). They are both very well and thriving actually. They are now 2 yrs old. They have settled into the routine of life, which consists of a walk every day on their harnesses and sleeping with us each night. They are very playful and just love each other very much. They are both extremely healthy and bringing a lot of happiness to our home still.
We are leaving Emerald next month and moving to Gladstone. So being closer to the beach, I’m hoping we can do Beach walks with our babies and give them the chance to play in the sand and have a swim. They seem to love water, however the beach is a bit different haha.
Kind Regards, Natalie Voss 13/5/18


 Oramor Rocky (Lilac) and Oramor Charlie (Blue) - Sydney


 Hi Sue. Photos of Oramor Rocky and Oramor Charlie who we brought from you in 2013.
Lisa Suters - Sydney. 22/4/18 

Oramor Macavity 

Howard Thrift‎ to Oramor Burmese and Siamese Kittens.
Hi Sue thanks for the invite , it's always a pleasure to see photos from other owners of your beautiful cats . Our Macavity is such a loving cat , he can be mischievious he can be smart [opens locked doors and laundry shute door ] and has this weird way of sitting down . 4/4/18



Oramor Sau Si - Blue Burmese

Hi Sue,
Just an update to let you know Oramor Sausi is going great!! 
She is so entertaining, so cuddly and soooo cute!!! All that and only 4 months old!
She even helps my daughter with her homework.
Belinda Lovatt. Hong Kong 29/3/18

 Hi Sue,
Just wanted to let you know Oramor Sausi is settling in to Hong Kong life wonderfully!
She is such a gorgeous girl! We just love her so much!
Thank you!!!
Cheers Belinda and Co. Hong Kong. 10/3/18


Oramor Sau Si - Blue Burmese

From Dogtainers - Pet Transport
Hi Sue,  Oramor Sau Si doing so well actually! Below is a photo of her during her vet check. It looks like they have her in a choke-hold but she is actually just enjoying the biggest chin scratch! So beautiful!

 Oramor Malia, Chocolate Burmese and Oramor Maverick, Brown Burmese


 Hello from Oramor Malia and Maverick 😸😸 They are always together, usually getting up to some kind of mischief 😏   , Lisa Yancic, Adelaide. SA

                                                                 ORAMOR BOHDIE

Hi Sue  

Hope you are well and that all your lovely cats are doing well too.

Oramor Bodhi was 2 years old Sunday the 18th. 

He has grown into such a gorgeous boy. We all love him so much. He’s affectionate and friendly and so tolerant of the kids attention. He is well adjusted and hasn’t got any bad habits. 

I think this is testament to his breeding because we have a very loud and crazy household and Bodhi just takes it all in his stride. 

Regards,  Rebecca Edwards and family. 21st February, 2018


  Oramor Taz - Chocolate Burmese


 Tammie Perrett,
Our boy Oramor Taz fell asleep in prowl position watching the birds outside...

 My 1 year old boy,  Oramor Thiha

 Proud owner Cheyanne Lavelle, Brisbane

From Sue Conidi - Port Lincoln, SA

This is Oramor Bailey born in September 2006. He is 11.5 years now. Such a beautiful natured cat. Smoochie, never stops purring. I have recently discovered that my daughter’s (Lisa Yancic) new Burmese Brown kitty , Oramor Maverick is related to Bailey through Oramor Pappa Bear. How fitting it is that mother and daughter should have Burmese with the same blood line. πŸ’•πŸ˜»πŸ˜»

 Honk Kong. Year of the dog!

Oramor Yee Fuk, Hoi Hoi



 Honk Kong. Year of the dog!
Oramor Yee Fuk, Hoi Hoi and I wish you and your family happy and healthy in the year of the Dog!                                                                                                     Cheers, Sam. February, 2018.


  Oramor Nahla - HONG KONG

 Oramor Olivias 15 years Old

Happy (almost) Chinese New Year from Hong Kong! 

(Oramor Olivia’s 15th CNY with us and Oramor Nahla’s first!)

Jaclyn & Andrea Wong 



Happy 4th Birthday Oramor Viva (blue Burmese) We love you! Feb. 2018


 Happy 2nd Birthday Oramor Vegas! We LOVE you! ❤️❤️❤️
From Jo-Ann Adams.



Hi Sue,  Quick update on Oramor Freddie.... he’s great, I think almost fully grown. 
He rules the house and the dog!
This tree is in our front yard and we let him up there each day, he loves it.
Comes down when we tap a tin of salmon.
Kate Lindsay, Victoria. SA




Hi Sue, Oramor CocoBean (15) is now wonderful friends with kittens Oramor Sheriff Walt Longmire and Oramor Pearl. The little ones love her to bits.
Thanks so much. Pip Courtney. Brisbane. 9/4/18

Oramor Walt is a lion! He is a bit in love with 15 yr old Coco !   1/2/18

15 year old  Oramor Coco has finally given in - 
new arrival Oramor Sheriff Walt has smooched her into submission!
         Pip Courtney, Brisbane. 6/2/18



 Hi Sue. Handsome Harry 😻Hugs from the McNairs Feb, 2018

 Harry was evicted by Miss 6 year old and Miss 9 year old last night because he wouldn't let them sleep on a school night. In the meantime he decided to sook at their bedroom door until we went to bed where he knew he could sleep with us 😻😹 Michaela McNair 22/2/17

Hi Sue 😍There's a special bond between Oramor Harry and our Miss 9 year old Annise πŸ’“πŸ˜»πŸ’“His nightly ritual is too go to sleep next to her while she readsπŸ’“πŸ˜»His morning ritual is to pass out on my lap after his breakfast 😻 Thankyou πŸ’“ Michaela McNair.

Hi Sue😻Oramor Harry blissed out in the arms of one of my nieces. He has been spoilt by 4 extra girls in the house while they wait for power back at their place post Cyclone Marcus 😻
Michaela McNair- DARWIN 20/3/18


Returned from living in Hong Kong - Oramor George, Taylor and Edna.


 Oramor Burmese George Tay Edna Marsh-Clarke
Easy like a Sunday morning!Sydney

  Andy Clarke, Sydney with Oramor Taylor and Oramor Edna - Brown Burmese 5/2/18



Oramor Tommy sure is a handsome little man and he knows it. I’ve not been well the last few days and he’s been guarding me day and night bless his little heart
Ngari Kate Norman, NT



 Maxine Hughes - Brisbane


Oramor Vegas lilac, Ormor Viva blue Burmese

Hi Sue, 
These 2 lovelies are about to turn 4 (Ormor Viva blue) and 2 (Oramor Vegas lilac) February babies! They are special ! ❤️  Jo-Ann Adams.


Oramor Vivienne 7 months

Owner Cathie Carvell


Oramor Clawed - 15 yrs old

Oramor Casey - Blue Burmese 15 yr. old

Kasey very relaxed, he rules the house.   Proud owner Kirsty Eldridge.


 Oramor Seva

 Hi Sue
Update on Oramor Seva , she likes being “in” things be it a washing basket, bucket, Beach tote or a dolls cot with fur lined blanket!!
Snug as a “cat” in a rug well it doesn’t rhyme but suits!!!!     
Leighanne Brown.


Oramor Ella & Oramor Gracie

 From Enid North.
Oramor Gracie and Oramor Ella love their new scratchie tree :)
These 2 little misses are very smart kitties.
They know lots of things already.
They know what NO means.
Gracie will hope up on command.
They know their bowls.
They are so loving, they know what time Greg will be home.
They wait at the door for him.
They wanted to be picked up and cuddled.
Love them. Enid North  


Oramor Chocolate Burmese Audrey 
Proud owner Sandra Larkin 

  Oramor Yee Fuk, Oramor Hoi Hoi


Hello Sue, Oramor Yee Fuk, Hoi Hoi and I send you our warmest greetings from Hong Kong!  Wish you a healthy and happy New Year! Cheers, Sam Chan - Hong Kong.
Owner:- Andy Clarke

From Michaela McNair.  
Happy New Year Sue πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜»Just a quick update on Oramor Harry. He had his 2nd Vet check on Thursday. The vet said he is just perfect and the vet nurses were all clambering to give him cuddles in the office as they hadn't seen a Burmese kitten before. I should've called him Romeo πŸ˜‚πŸ’•πŸ˜»Wishing you a wonderful 2018 and will keep in touch πŸ’•
                                                  ORAMOR HARRY - DARWIN NT. 
Happy New Year to you and your family Sue. 
Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful family pet
Michaela McNair 31/12/17
Don't be fooled by Harry's  "butter wouldn't melt in his mouth stare"😻This week he has discovered the world of 'Up' which means up on couches, bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops, dining tables, louvred windows and the odd door handle. Today we are 'up' on the couch watching the cricket with 'Dad'😻😹

  Oramor Layla wearing her Christmas bow. Jennifer Clark. 12/17
 Mr. & Mrs. Greg and Enid North, Bauple, Qld

 Oramor Micah,  Blue Burmese


Hi Sue,
Oramor Micah is a cuddly beautiful boy. He has taken over and ordering the Bengal around!!
Kind regards, Sandra Zeeman.

Hi Sue, Portia is settling in well and is very comfortable with the grandkids. She is already confident in he new surroundings.
Regards, Andrew Butkus. Maryborough.  5/12/17

Hi there Sue, thanks so much for a beautiful Oramor Burmese kitten. She is everything we had hoped for, bright and very confident always eating and very tidy.
We are thrilled to have this beautiful new member of our family. She gets on well with Coco our dog and is full of mischief. Will keep you posted. Best regards Marg Butkus. 6/12/17



Dear Sue,   Merry Christmas to you.We are all busy and excited about Christmas.
Thought you'd like to see our lovely Oramor Buttons and  Oramor Coco with the girls.
We dressed the tree tonight and everyone enjoys this, especially Buttons and Coco!
Kind regards,
Mina, Simon, Harriet and Esther, 
                                                                   Hong Kong  4/12/17

Hi Sue,
Just letting you know Mina is doing very well and is happy and playful. She is in the attack dad phase at the moment.
Regards Mark Brown. 29/11/17


Howard Thrift Brisbane. 28/11/17
I did warn others these adorable, lovable, mischievous, cunning smart and funny cats will get into your heart big time, our Oramor Macavity is a classic example of all of the traits I just mentioned . 
Did I mention strange posture's as seen above?
Trust me Sue Oramor Macavity is well loved by one and all , but he can test your diligence sometimes. He just loves to hang around doors when you go in and out of the house one lapse of concentration and he bolts for freedom . Best part is if he does escape he just runs around the house to the oppositte side and sits at the back door bellowing to come back in ! The cat enclosure on the back deck is his favourite place to relax but he has this urge to try a quick circuit of the house.


From Cathie Carvel. Our beautiful Oramor Vivienne very cheeky too!

Oramor Layla is resting after a morning of mischief. This kitty is seriously naughty -- but veeerrry nice. 
I would like another five or six just like her.
Proud owner Jennifer Clark, Brisbane. 28/11/17


 From:- Cheyanne Lavelle, Brisbane.


                                  Tony Marsh Hong Kong with Oramor Burmese George.
                                          Don't leave without me! 20th November, 2017

                                                               Oramor George

From Jennifer Joh.
Hi Sue, we purchased a Burmese kitten from you approximately 7 years ago who turned out to be the sweetest little cat ever. Unfortunately he passed away a couple of months ago and broke our hearts. We all loved him so much. We have had cats prior to him, but none have ever been so affectionate and loving as Pabbi. We have always said that if anything ever happened to him, we would definitely be getting another Burmese. We would love to get one from you as we feel it would be just as beautiful and well bred. Although we don’t feel ready to fill that void yet, we are wondering if you are planning on having a litter late next year and if so, we could perhaps put our name down for a male. Pabbi was a chocolate Burmese with golden eyes, and we would like a similar one.
Thank you for breeding such a beautiful little boy for us - I miss him so much.
Jenni 20th Nov,17

Response:-From Howard Thrift
How sad for you , we like others have two of Sue,s lovely cats Mojo our Siamese and Macavity our Burmese . They get inside your heart and losing them leaves a hole thats hard to fill . Nice to hear you will get another Oramor baby they are so sweet .


 From Enid and Greg North. Maryborough Q.
Oramor Grace, lilac Burmese.
Gracie is so very beautiful, she has grown, loves her food. Loves tasty cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt, the Skippy meat, chicken, tuna in spring water. Sardines in tomato sauce ! she steals Greg’s breakfast on the weekends.
She is amazing.


Hi Sue,I am writing to send you some photos of our boy Oramor Taz. And enquire as the the availability of a sister for him.
Oramor Taz has brought us a great deal of joy and happiness back into our family. Crystal is doing much better, and we owe it to Oramor Taz's beautiful nature (albeit a little spastic sometimes :) ).
Even my husband you apparently doesn't like cats, bought heaps of toys, plays with him every night, and snuggles on the lounge together.
Tucker our chocolate Labrador has gone blind, but still lets Taz play with his swishy tail.
Now it is time for the next Chapter. A sister to play with and bring him as much joy as he brings us. 
Can I please ask if you could place me on the list for a baby girl.
P.S. The video shows a young Taz, however he still jumps around and turns himself insideout when we play.
Tammie Perrett. 7/10/17



 From Greg and Enid North.
Oramor Grace has grown Sue. She loves her Dad.14 weeks old. She is a delight. We love her so very much.
Enid and Greg. 30/9/17.
Comment Leah Jones, Qld.
How beautiful this is ! ! ! Aren't Sue's kitties just gorgeous? I have a dark Brown Burmese - a real show stopper, lol. Completely his own cat though, he feels he doesn't have to answer to anyone, which makes him seem really charming, although I could yell at him at times. I never do, of course, just sweep him up and cuddle him. Enjoy your lovely puss, for a long time to come.

 From Kim Lynch, Sunshine Coast - 25/9/17
Hi Sue, I have some pictures of Oramor Hermie and Oramor Pebbles. We also aquired a new unplanned family member who has been welcomed by my beautiful browns.

 Oramor Macavity


Howard Thrift Its a Burmese thing I think or maybe an Oramor thing ! Sue Flavels cats are fully loaded with personality plus .
Kirsty Eldridge
Kirsty Eldridge Yep. I have two of them. It's a Burmese thing. But Sue's cats seem to have perfected it. Mine are both 15 now...and still quirky. 
Howard Thrift.Yes we have one Oramor Burmese and one Oramor Siamese of Sue's plus a Siberian Forest Cat he is the ringer in the trio .

From Pip Courtney,
My dear dear Oramor Bella, 14 years old and the best companion I could hope for died suddenly from liver problems 2 weeks ago. She loved me fiercely and comforted me after my husband died 6 years ago. Never known such affection from an animal.
She shared her life with Oramor Coco who is now very confused and looking for her.
Very sad house but feel so lucky to have had Bellsie in my life.
Brisbane. 31/8/17




Oramor George, Edna and Taylor - September, '17
Oramor Taylor - September, '17


Happy 14th birthday to our beautiful princess Oramor Olivia!
(Oramor Nahla more interested in the birthday cake than anything else.)

Lilac & Chocolate Burmese
Hello Sue! Here is Oramor Thiha looking very handsom on our (his) bed 😊. 
He rules the roost in our home and we couldn't imagine life without him.
Cheyanne Lynas. 28/9/17

From Stephanie Holden.
Our beautiful Oramor Ziggy was so brave for his desexing at the vet - they even gave him a "Brave Bandana"
 It's an Oramor sandwich! Oramor Luna, Oramor  Lola and Oramor Ziggy 😻😻
From Stephanie Hobden. Vic. 28/9/17 

  Oramor Seal Pt. Siamese, LucyLu & Oramor Brown Burmese, Layla.

From Jennifer Clark, Brisbane. Q


From Enid North, Maryborough, Q.
We collected Oramor Grace, lilac Burmese on 22nd August. She has taken over the house and our hearts. Sleeps all night between our pillows. Everyone loves her already.
Oramor Grace, the most beautiful kitten ever. Magnificent and Perfect in every way!
25th August, day 3. Little Oramor Gracie is amazing Sue. You do the most amazing job with the kittens.
She is so clever, she comes to her name already ! and she speaks and answers when called. She has eaten very well. Chicken breast and the paws mince. She had a tiny spot of red salmon this morning and loved it. She loves the black hawk biscuits. Sleeps all night through then up and out to her toilet..Has not missed a beat.
She has meet about 10 of our friends so far and they are like us, Totally in love with her!
Thank you again.


 Josephine Moy, Jandowae.
Vale Oramor Cameo
Dear Sue, I purchased from you in 2000 a male Burmese (named Oramor Cameo). For 17 plus years he gave me and our family so much joy. However he passed away recently (21.6.2017). In his old age he had health problems, however I treasured every day we had together. I am so pleased to see you are still in business and enjoying the Burmese breed. I just love cats. My idea of a good night in is me and a house full of cats. ! Kind Regards Josephine Moy.

17.5 Yrs Old Oramor Cameo

Oramor Lola, Siamese and Oramor Ziggy, Burmese kitten have finally called a truce.
 ❤️❤️ They played all day today!
Stephanie Hobden, Melbourne. 19/7/17

Hi Sue,Our first night went well.  The kids all moved matresses to sleep with the kitten. He slept most of the night.The dog is fine with him, already sleeping on the bed together which is cute!
Kate Lindsay, Melbourne. 15/7/17

Hi Sue, Everything is going really well. Freddie is so happy, eating, sleeping and very playful. 
And our dog knows her place already!
The dog is so relaxed, she actually decided to sit on the cats bed. She's not fussed at all! 
Kate. 19/7/17



Happy birthday to Oramor Luna❤
Coby Cutts, Melbourne, 29th June, 2017
ORAMOR NAHLA - Chocolate Burmese

Oramor Nahla is a beautiful and sweet kitten.  She loves being cuddled.
We all love her as much as 14 year old OramorOlivia for sure!
Jaclyn Wong - HONG KONG 8/5/17

Gymnast in the making,
I've no idea how she managed to get up there!
She was in our enclosed courtyard on a kitchen exhaust pipe. 
We carried her down immediately for her own safety. 
Nahla  shouldn't be able to get out of the courtyard as the gate is quite high.
Jaclyn Wong, 9/5/17

Oramor Olivia, 14 yr old Lilac Burmese and Oramor Nahla, 4 months old chocolate Burmese cuddling on a rainy day in Hong Kong
14 yr. old Lila Oramor Oliver
Chocolate 4 mth old Oramor Nahla
June, 2017

She is a sweet girl who loves being cuddled. She is very active and is always on the go! No more escapades....Kind regards,
Jaclyn. 25/7/17
Andy Clarke‎-HONG KONG
Introducing my three L- R Brown girl Oramor Taylor and her big lilac brother Oramor George and sister Oramor Edna... Approaching a year to day since arrival in HK.
Looking back, not too sure what we did or talked about before then! 4/3/17
Tony Marsh & Oramor George
Tony Marsh & Oramor George Lilac Burmese
Tony & Oramor Taylor Brown Burmese
Andy Clarke - Hong Kong 1/8/18

 Oramor George - Lilac Burmese

From Sam Chan, Hong Kong.  

Hello Sue,
We had a happy 2 years old birthday yesterday. Mum baked a fish flavoured birthday to us. It was so yummy and we finished it all quickly.
Mum and dad treat us so good. We are embraced by love everyday and always blessed.
Endless happiness from Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi.

From Fiona Cumming, HONG KONG.

 Oramor Truffle has a firm favourite in the family! He is such a delight!
Fiona Cumming. 7/5/17

Oramor Truffle continues to be a valued member of our family,
Fiona Cummings. Hong Kong.

Truffle playing with the kids and very much the centre of attention with everyone! He is so good with them! 
A wink from Oramor Truffle 19/7/17
 Handsome Truffle! 25/7/17

From Claire Cairns - HONG KONG 

Hi Sue, Just to let you know the Oramor Burmese kittens have settled
 in very well and are such a fantastic addition to our family.
Thanks so much -


From Renee Maitre:- Hi Sue, It's Oramor Rocco's 2nd birthday and I just wanted to share a couple of recent photos of him. Rocco's a handsome boy, but still very naughty. 30/4/17


 Our yin & yang babies! Blessed πŸ™πŸ»❤️
Oramor Viva (Blue)  & Oramor Vegas(Lilac) are very happy cats !
 Thankyou Sue!
 Jo-Ann Adams, 19/6/17

Soaking up the winter sun! 🌞 ❤️ We love our burmese cats so much Sue! Thankyou! Viva is Viva... lookout if she is not happy! Vegas just goes with the flow! Interesting dynamic.. but much love!❤️

Hello Sue,
Oramor Thiha is doing fantastic and is enjoying his new home. He is very lively, playful and sweet! He has been eating well and using his litter tray. He is such a good boy and loves to be tucked in to bed at night. 
Kindest regards,
Cheyanne Lynas, Brisbane. Q. 26/3/17
Oramor Thiha is enjoying his cosy blanket on the couch this cold brisbane morning. 
Cheyanne Lynas. Brisbane


Hello Sue, Oramor Layla travelled home very well yesterday and is settling in. In fact she has already claimed the most comfortable chair in the house. She is very confident and relaxed even around my grandchildren who she met this morning.  
We are already in love with her
Thank you for such a precious little friend.
Jennifer Clark, Gracemere. Qld



 Hey Sue, Oramor Ragnar slept most of the way home and was perfect. Ragnar slept in our bed near our neck nested in waking us and 2am to go to the toilet and eat/drink.
Oramor Ragnar has settled beautifully and is eating cooked chicken breasts, dry food, drinking plenty of water, using the kitty litter.
Ragnar has been sleeping no problem  as well as running around the house playing. He is much more confident today than last night.
He is absolutely beautiful and will be very much loved and treated like a son like my other animals.
All the best, Lisa
Lisa McKeown, Cashmere, Qld.

 From Lisa McKeown
Hi Sue, an update on Oramor Ragnar. Ragnar is full of energy and has settled in very well. He sleeps in the bed at night under the covers and shares himself around the family being totally spoilt with cuddles. He is now desexed and has had all his needles. He is a beautiful boy and very much loved. Thank you, Lisa 13/6/17



Hello Sue,
Thank you so much. Oramor Frankie is settling in to the family so well.
He's the right amount of cheeky and all cute. We all love him so much. 
Thank you again. 
Have a lovely week 
Karly O'Connell. Gold Coast. Qld.  😸21/3/17









Good morning Sue,
I wanted to give you a quick update on Oramor Frankie. He is doing so well, eating lots of his wet and dry food growing bigger each week.
He's a very loving kitten but also loves to get up to lots of mischief. He loves to play more than anything then once he's worn himself out he purrs like a motor boat.
We all love him very much.
Take care,
Karly. 6/4/17


  Hi Sue,Just dropping a line to let you know Oramor Frankie is doing so well. He is mischievous and cheeky and completely gorgeous. We found him sleeping in our linen cupboard today after searching for him for ages. He LOVES to climb and play fetch. He also likes to be just a bit naughty 😹
He's very fussy with his food only the best will do when it comes to cat food... although he does love roast turkey.
I have attached some pics for you, he's going to be such a big boy. 
Take care
Karly & Frankie 😺  1/5/17

Hi Sue,It's been a while since I've given you an update on Oramor Frankie. He is six months tomorrow and is growing into a real little man. Very big personality. He gets jealous when all the boys come home and take his mummy away from him. Unfortunately mummy is the one that gets the cold shoulder πŸ˜‚
He just loves cuddles and attention and all the climbing into cupboards and up on high places. 
He's just like a beautiful baby and we all love him so much. 
Karly. 16/7/17


Good morning Sue,
 Attached are two pictures of the kittens exploring a chair that I moved with a view to putting in a different room, they have so much fun on it I have left it today and will move it tonight.  They run the house already!!
Greta Brennan, Dundowran, Q. 27/3/17
Good evening Sue,  Some photos of Dash and Misty. Both are going very well. 
As you can see they help Bill with the paperwork and the phone. They have learnt if they sit on the iPad and move their paws things move great fun!!Dash is a TV buff, loves the horse racing tries to catch the horses.Both loving kittens, love to sit on laps and very friendly to visitors. Misty is helping me type this.The funniest thing to see is the big ginger cat, Thomas, walk through the kitchen to the sun room with two kittens in single file behind him. Thomas is very good with them and over time I am sure they will all be good companions.Misty has a fascination for raspberry cordial and we have to make sure that Bill covers the glass or the little head goes straight in I am sure it is no good for him.Bill said they are great company when he is alone and good fun to watch as they play together.
 RegardsGreta 22/4/17

 Hi Sue
Just to let you know that Misty and Dash have had their little operations and have recovered well,I don't think that they took any notice at all.
Attached are some photos.there is one of Dash climbing onto the mantelpiece, he is trying to get his toy fish that I sometimes put up there, he really loves playing with it and I sometimes hide it and he looks until he finds it.
Both boys are very friendly and interesting with great but distinct personalities, our visitors always want to see them, even one fellow who doesn't really like cats. His wife told me that he is really taken with the kitties.
Misty is very vocal  and Dash is quieter but very active. Although Misty is taller and longer than Dash, Dash is almost 200grams heavier than Misty, looks can be deceiving.
Greta Brennan, Dundowran, Qld. 27/6/17


  Hi Sue
Aren't all my Oramor babies just beautiful ?

 From Margot McIlwain, WA 
4th March, 2017


Burmese Oramor Luna having a holiday with her Siamese friend Oramor Lola while her parents are away! 😺

From Stephanie Hobden, Melbourne.

From Coby Cutts, Melbourne:-  Hi Sue - As you can see our furry mischief makers are doing well.  We have Oramor Lola when Steph and her family are away and vice versa.  They are healthy and doing well, Regards, Coby. 20/3/17


 From Cathy Howe, Gympie
This is Oramor Opal Blue.... our pinup chic...... isn't she beautiful....


  Oramor SuzKat

From Janneke Storm:
Hey Sue :) An update of Thembi (Suz-Kat)... she's doing sooo well! 

Most loving and talkative Burmese we've ever had. She's brings so much happiness and love into my life and can't imagine life without her. Love her so much! She's very demanding of my attention but I absolutely love that about her :) Much love, x Janneke  7/2/17



 From Hong Kong - SAM CHAN

Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi wanna say HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to you!
A big hug from us!
SAM from HONG KONG 31/1/17 

Good looking Oramor Yee Fuk!

Hi Sue,Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi wanna say HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to you!
A big hug from us!

Oh, sorry Sue for my late greeting.  You know, Chinese New Year is important to Chinese.  My hubby and I were lingering with both of our families, relatives and friends these days.  My apology.
Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi are really affectionate. They melt our hearts.  Yee Fuk’s character is very like my previous cat, also his brother, Fuk Jai.  He is so attached to me while Hoi Hoi is so attached to my hubby, hahaaa...
Good to know more brilliant Oramor cats being imported to Hong Kong. They are gorgeous and definitely able to bring happiness to their owners.
Here you go their real time pic.


  From Andy Clarke & Tony Marsh. HONG KONG 

One year ago our hearts fell in love via a Skype chat with you Sue. It was decided there and then we will have three Oramor burmese instead of two. Edna's eyes begged me not to leave her alone! What a difference a year makes. Three healthy and happy Oramor Burmese. From left to right George, Taylor and Edna with George Tay Edna Marsh-Clarke. Thank a million Sue. 10/2/17

  King of Hong Kong



Oramor George - Spotted the birdie...

 Oramor George- What you looking at? Everything is fine... 


Oramor Taylor 

Out and about walking the streets Hong Kong

Oramor George, Oramor Taylor & Oramor Edna

I am Oramor George and this is my kingdom...

Oramor George

Oramor Taylor


Mina Dunstan - Hong Kong

Happy Chinese New Year

Dear Sue,
Wishing you a very prosperous Year of the Rooster. Oramor Coco and Oramor Buttons are thriving. 
They are relaxing for the Chinese New Year holiday weekend.
We love them so much. #Burmese best pets ever.
Kung Hei Fat Choi.
Mina, Simon, Harriet and Esther


 Oramor Leila - Emerald, Qld.

 From Natalie Voss, Emerald. 

Oramor Leila has decided that laying next to me on this 38 degree day is a perfect spot for a nap!! Lucky the aircon is on...however she is still roasting and sound asleep. 😏😸



                                           JOHANNA PALENSCHUS, CANBERRA.

                                                       Oramor Audry, Lilac Burmese


Graham Ford, Hong Kong. 

Oramor Simba (Burmese) and Oramor Honey (Siamese)

Oramor Honey and Oramor Simba ~ this photo was taken 5 years ago, when they were 4yo. Still as loving as ever!  January, 27th, 2017.

  Nine years ago, Simba and Honey arrived from Sue Flavel of Oramor,Maryborough, Qld Australia.

 They are doing fine. 
18th November, 2016

Oramor Simba and Oramor Honey @ 6 years ~ so cute

Photo taken today in Hong Kong ~ both are 9 years old.
 Oramor Siamese Honey and Oramor Burmese Simba, still as close as ever.

From Cathy Howe, Gympie, Q.
Our Burmese girls..Oramor Opal and Orampr Inka..

From Natalie Voss, Emerald. Q
πŸ˜‰Oramor Leila, (brown) and Oramor Simba, (chocolate), are inseparable....such a good choice that we got the two of them Sue, so glad we did. They play together non stop.
From Vickie Muldoon. Oramor Honey Bear.
Oramor Honey Bear we are wishing you a Happy 8th Birthday today 7.01.2017 love you so much


Wishing everyone love and friendship for the New Year from Oramors Eli and Oramor Mischa at Hervey Bay. Q
Michelle Robinson.

Hi Sue - here I am - fully recovered and very tired from rearranging the Christmas tree decorations.  My owners can't seem to appreciate my artistic side.
My dreadful Brazilian haircut is recovering - they don't understand at that veterinary clinic that I am more of a pearls and twinset girl.  And don't I look gorgeous now?
Anyhow - you have a wonderful Christmas and so will I, fondest regards Oramor Luna x

From Mrs. Coby Cutts, Melbourne.
Hi Sue, Oramor Seva here!! Merry Meow Christmas to you!!

 I saw my sister Oramor Luna on your fantastic Facebook page and thought I should update you on my life since my little adventure chasing birds ended with me having hip surgery!!! 
No sooner had my gorgeous coat start to come back my owners also decided a Brazilian was in order--"not happy Jan!!!" Well at least it's done and unless I decide to try flying like my bird mates I should keep this gorgeous coat!
I love how my mummy matches the couch blankets to my coat- I love snuggling regardless of how hot it gets!
I can also contort my body like my human sisters and let me tell you, sleeping stretched out is the best!!!!
I hope Santa visits you soon I am pretty sure my stocking will get filled with treats cause I have been such a good girl!!

😘😘😘 Oramor Seva

From Owner Leighanne Brown,
Brisbane. Q 

From Justin Wade Strout - Darwin.

Oramor Burms are absolutely gorgeous!!! They are in Maryborough Qld!!! The breeders name is Sue Flavel, she does an amazing job with her kittens!!!
Sue has been breeding for over 30yrs and sends her kittens all over world!!! We are in Darwin and had both of ours flown up, no hassles at all... Sue organises everything!!! Can't recommend her enough... If it was up to my wife, we would have fifty cats haha.
All I know is that you will be extremely happy if you do decide to go with Sue. We even convinced my in-laws to get a Burm from Sue, and he's a cutie too, best friends with a King Charles Cavalier.
  We have two from Sue, a boy and a girl, both chocolate and both awesome!!!
4th December, 2016

Deni Castle, Noosa, Qld.
Oramor Uschi - Hard at work
Dec, '16 
From Slade and Aletha Walters:-  
Oramor Loki is settling in well with the family.
 Our Oramor Loki is so inquisitive Nov, '16

From Sam Chan, Hong Kong.

Merry Christmas 2016, Happy New Year, 2017 

Hello Sue,
Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi want to send you warm season’s greeting to you and your family!  
We wish you a joyful Christmas and a wonderful New Year of 2017!!!
Thank you Sue!
Cheers,Sam from Hong Kong.
 Here you go the first outdoor adventure in December, 2016.


They are loving to each other.❤❤❤

  A Christmas gift to you - they really love to be wrapped especially Hoi Hoi.  Hahaa...


   Thanks Sue for posting my beloved Oramor Yee Fuk and Oramor Hoi Hois' photo. 

They are 18 months now and living in Hong Kong happily. 
 Thanks again for sending me the little angels. Nov, '16

Email from Ms. Chan Sui Sum, Hong Kong.
Greetings from Oramor Yee Fuk's and Oramor Hoi Hoi
Email From Sam, Hong Kong.Kung Hei Fat Choy!
Hi Sue, Kung Hei Fat Choy! Today is Chinese New Year. Oramor Yee Fuk, Oramor Hoi Hoi and I would like to send a warmest greeting to you and your family. Wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy Year of the Monkey!
Sam 8th Feb, '16

Hi Sue,
I thank you so much for bringing these two lovely creatures into my life.
I really think Oramor Yee Fuk's pre-life is my previous American Curl boy. You can't believe how many things they are in common. In fact, their names have connection in Cantonese. As for Oramor Hoi Hoi, her character is totally different from Yee Fuk but she is indeed very adorable.
I will keep you updated as to their latest status from time to time.
Sam, Hong Kong 

Oramor Simba was asleep on my lap, when the movie finished this night...he didn't want to my daughter picked him up! He is a funny boy, a real character!
Natalie Voss, Emerald, Qld
Nov, '16

 Update: Oramor Simba has been castrated and came through with flying colours. Leila is soon. This is how they've been spending their days....on their fave chair laying all over each other. We don't know why but Simba loves to be held like a baby, he stretches back to an almost upside down position...funny boy!! They are providing much happiness and laughter. They are inseparable. 19th October,'16

 Oramor Simba and Oramor Leila love being outside in their harnesses.
Oramor Leila is a bit more adventurous.

From Natalie, Emerald.
Sleeping buddies. 🐱🐹Oramor Simba and Oramor Leila.
Hi Sue,
We took Oramor Burmese, Leila and Simba for their first vet appointment this morning and you will be happy to hear they have both been given a clean bill of health.
Our vet noted what stunning looking cats they both are and asked where we got them from, as she told my husband they were exceptional Burmese, which I thought was a nice compliment to you and your hard work with breeding nice healthy cats.
As I have mentioned before, you have been extremely professional to deal with and very kind and courteous.
Take care Sue,
Regards, Natalie Voss

From Natalie Voss, Emerald.
Hi Sue,
We took Oramor Burmese, Leila and Simba for their first vet appointment this morning and you will be happy to hear they have both been given a clean bill of health.
Our vet noted what stunning looking cats they both are and asked where we got them from, as she told my husband they were exceptional Burmese, which I thought was a nice compliment to you and your hard work with breeding nice healthy cats.
As I have mentioned before, you have been extremely professional to deal with and very kind and courteous.
Take care Sue,
Regards, Natalie Voss Sept 11th, '16


From Vicki Muldoon, Oramor Honey Bear helping me sew.
Nov, '16

 Andy Clarke, Hong Kong and Oramor Burmese George.
Human's back! Me so happy - and licky...

 HONG KONG - Tony Marsh
Oramor George looking whimsical.

HONG KONG. Tony Marsh.
Just hanging out in my tunnel...

 HONG KONG: Tony Marsh and Andy Clarke
Oramor George.

 From Happy Valley, Hong Kong. Oramor Burmese - Walkies!


 Well, I felt like a nibble... Love - ORAMOR GEORGE xx
 I should stress perhaps that my human is acting here... I am a good boy, ask my sisters....
Been a while since the three little ones have given Tony and I a moment to update you on progress, Sue....
George, Edna and Taylor are all thriving. Love them to bits... Oramor George and Oramor Taylor in their harnesses for their daily constitutional tonight with Oramor Edna sitting serene inside; she is less fussed about the fresh air! With love from us five up in Hong Kong...Tony Marsh, Andy Clarke 30/9/16
 Thanks for the compliments . Each are very special . Little beauties. 
Sue where did the rest of their brothers and sisters get to? How many in the litter ?

24th March, 2016

Email from Andy Clarke, Hong Kong, as he awaits the arrival of his three Oramor Burmese kittens.
SUE: Just to Say...
Hi there from Hong Kong... I imagine that today was stressful with the departure of the three Burmese Kittens on the first leg of their flight to Hong Kong.
We are so, so looking forward to meeting the kittens on Wednesday morning. I know you know this, but wanted to stress again, that none of them will want for nothing in the years ahead. They are going to be truly cherished and we will raise them well, I promise. As with your other adoptive parents, we'll keep you updated on their progress of course.
But beyond this, Sue, I wanted to be sure to thank you hugely for ALL the help, support and responsiveness since last summer when you and I first 'met'... You've been wonderful over this whole process and both Tony and I are deeply grateful.
Will update you next on Wednesday morning when the three Burmese kittens arrive.
Best as always - ANDY (& TONY)
 News From Mina Dunstan, HONG KONG. 

Hello Sue, Some recent photos of our wonderful cats. We love them so much. They think they are people. Look at their sleeping poses!
All is well here in Hong Kong.
Mina Dunstan.
Nov, '16
Email from Hong Kong.
Hi Sue,
We hope all is well. Please find the attached photos of "Oramor" Coco and "Oramor" Buttons taken this afternoon. They have settled in to our family spectacularly well and are much loved.
All the best,
Simon and Mina. 16/2/15


From Jo-Ann Adams, Noosaville, Qld.
Oramor Viva, Blue Burmese  & OramorVegas, Chocolate Burmese.

 From Jo-Ann Adams.
Dear Sue,
My Oramor Yin & Oramor Yang babies! Just Love! ❤️ Thankyou!πŸ™πŸ»
 From Jill Bryant, Mackay.
Oramor Miss Nova supervising our bedroom reno.

 Good morning Sue. Oramor Herman was sunning on the bed this morning looking too handsome not to share. He is an absolute delight. Cant get enough of him or Oramor Pebbles. Love them both so much. 
Your hard work certainly is appreciated. Cant believe its been 6 yrs already.
October, '16


 Oramor Uschi, One year old and Gorgeous!
Hi Sue
Just a quick message to let you know that Oramor Uschi is growing into a beautiful lady.
She certainly has a lovely chocolate colour and a very outgoing disposition.
Thank you again for her.
Regards, Deni.


 From Margot McIlwain, WA.
Love these Oramor boys X 25th March,'16

 Sara Proudfoot, Tasmania.
 Feeling under the weather tonight, so my baby boys have curled up with me to help make me feel better
They are the absolute sweetest and I couldn't imagine my life without them. You breed the most fantastic, beautiful kitties Sue!
24th March, '16


She is such a personality this little one. If she wants some lap time, she just nuzzles her way in until she gets a spot she likes and then she is out to it! She also sleeps between the bed sheets - something mum and dad never bargained for lol!
Ahhhh - thank you. I'm sure they will be soul sisters by the end of the holidays!
I'm so biased - but seriously do they come any prettier!
Audrey. An Oramor kitty in Canberra. 1/5/15
Oranor Audrey's Adventures 1/4/15
 Little Oramor Lulu's big day today xx 5/3/15 Adelaide

 Email from Johanna - "Oramor" Lulu.
Hi Sue, Thought you might like to see Lulu too (Audrey's biological sister) who is with my parents. Mum and dad continue to adore her. She has so enriched their lives and they love her funny ways.
Merry Christmas
Love the Palenschus family xx  Dec, '14

'Oramor' Audrey visits Santa.
Oramor  Audrey enjoying Christmas
From Johanna Palenschus

"Oramor" Audrey, toilet trained

Email and photos from Johanna, Canberra. Dec, '14
Hi Aunty Sue, It's been a while since we have been in touch but just couldn't celebrate Audrey's first birthday without you!
She is such a gorgeous grown up girl and we are the best of friends!
Love Jo and Auds xx


Email from Elaine Hearnden.
Sue, another pic of 'Oramor' Oska taken on his first birthday....27th March.
 He is a very handsome puss.
 I think he would have made a very good stud, but he is a very lovely 'lap cat' the way he is.

 Email from Elaine Hearnden, Toowoomba.
Dear Sue......thought I would send you latest pics of 'Oramor' Oska whose first birthday happens to be today! This is 'Oramor' Oska's first birthday picture. He is a very handsome chocolate boy.

Our beautiful Oramor Mia. 

We love her and so does our dog Benson!
Meg Kirk. January, 15.

Oramor Kasey and Clawed are looking very pampered and loved pets.
From Kirsty Eldridge. January,'15


This is Lenny & Iggy's favourite spot! They are growing so fast .
Such beautiful and affectionate kittens Sue!
Just love them πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸΎπŸΎ
Margot McIlwain, Western Australia. 14/12/14

 Hi Sue,
Just thought I would give you an update on the kittens. They are growing and have a healthy appetite! When I lie down all the animals like to be snuggled next to me! They all get on so well. We couldn't be happier with our beautiful boys. They are so affectionate πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Love them to bits 2/12/14


 Howard Thrift:- 
These Oramor's certainly have a uniquie sleeping and sitting position .Macavity our Oramor Burmese doing his best Jabba the Hutt impersonation .9/12/14

Howard Thrift:-
We have a new playmate for the two Oramor's now Sue our beloved Maine Coon Rum Tum Tugger died some time back and we decided to get a similar style .So we now have Oramor Mo Jo Oramor Macavity and Sonshanley Stolley he is a Siberian Forest cat . He just adores the other two , we often find them curled up together all three at once sometimes .This him with Oramor Mo Jo the Siamese.