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Oramor Sakura, Lilac Point Siamese and 
Oramor Taiyo, chocolate point kitten are amazing.
Owned by Deanne and Vivienne.


Oramor Lucy, Chocolate Point Siamese kitten is just awesome. She is so affectionate and playful and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her. 
Owned By Sheri.

Hello Sue,
I thought you might like an update on how Oramor Siana and Oramor Cassiel are doing. Oramor Cassiel turned one in August and Oramor Siana is now about 19 months old.  They have matured into beautiful , sweet natured cats that are very inquisitive and loving.  They still play like kittens and thunder down my hallway at great speed after their toys.  They especially love watching the King Parrot that visits every day.  They are healthy and energetic and wonderful companions. No matter what the day brings, they always make me smile.
I hope you and your babies are all well.
​Hugs from all of us.☺️ Tracey Pavier.
Hi Sue,
Ormor Mateo is one year old  tomorrow 
Bel Dunn. October 2022


Oramor Meisie
Hi Sue, we are the proud owners of one of your Oramor female Siamese which we have bought four years ago while living in Darwin.  Oramor Meisie is beautiful and quite a character! 
 We love her very much!
Kind regards, Karin Franck. 18th December,  2020


My gorgeous ex Breeding Queen, Oramor Velcro, chocolate point Siamese at 11 years old.
Oramor Velcro is the Dam of my breeding Queens,  Oramor Precious and Oramor Simply Irresistible. 1/5/2020
Precious Oramor Mia 
Proudly owned by Richard and Judith Williams.  Vic.

From Jason and Kristy Yanner.
Oramor Pharaoh.

Here are some pics of our growing boy (his eyes go super blue when he is outside). He is the longest (length-wise) and most adventurous cat we’ve ever come across and has well and truly settled in to his place as the Family Feline Overlord. 4/5/20

Thanks again for all the hard work you do with all your Oramor babies. These two are the most wonderful little people with beautiful personalities and wonderful big hearts. 
Thanks again
Tracey and Brad Forrest. 23/4/20

Hi Sue,  Oramor Mia sends you Easter Greetings...I'm nearly a big girl now as you can see.

Proud fur-parents Richard and Judith Williams. Vic.
12th April,  2020
Oramor Simply Irresistible Siamese Kittens 
Perth - Oramor Siamese 

Proudly owned by Jana Mittmann.
Oramor Oki

From Kathy D'Herville
We are so lucky having our gorgeous Oramor fur babies during this time.  I think the sheep skin has been the best investment ever for Oramor Oki!  Look at that look of sheer bliss! 31/3/20
Oramor Kiri 

Proudly owned by John and Cristina Dick.
Oramor Maverick 
Oramor Maverick is such a wonderful boy! Everyday he surprises me with his cheeky personality. If people tell me they don’t like cats I quickly reply “Wait until you meet Oramor Maverick!”. 
Thanks again for helping to bring this sweet little guy into my life.
Kind Regards,
Kate Pershouse. March, 2020.
Oramor Henry 
Oramor Henry is not concerned about corona in the least! Just the most gorgeous boy ever 💜 March, 2020
Proudly owned by Kelly Forbes Brooker
Oramor Mia
Proudly owned by Judith Williams 
From Richard and Judith Williams. Oramor Mia.
As soon as Oramor Mia thinks it's time for us to go to bed.....she's there waiting!

This little girl becomes more gorgeous each day.Can read us like a book already.
March, 2020
Oramor Mia, relaxing and enjoying the warmth in the old farm house at Fish Creek.
From Richard and Judith. March 2020.

Housebound for two weeks..or more. I don't think Oramor Mia will mind at all. We love her, she has given us so much joy, she is precious.
Thank you Sue,  this little girl cat you have sent to us is really special and has given us more joy than you can imagine.
Loving owners Richard and Judith Williams. 24th March, 2020.
 Oramor Kakashi.

From Elise Hewlett - Oramor Kakashi.
Hi Sue,  my partner and I bought a choc point Siamese boy from you (birthday 2 Nov 2018). Just wanted to let you know he’s just the most adorable loving boy, very vocal and healthy! We love him so much, and is as thick as thief’s with our older Siamese boy too. Thanks again, you breed fine cats!!
Photos of Oramor Kakashi, you can see he is so affectionate and keen on snuggles which is all we could have hoped for really! 24th March,  2020
 Oramor  Princess Adelina and Oramor Rafael

From Brad and Tracey Forest.

Oramor Smokey
From Paula Allen.
Hi Sue,
Oramor Smokey has settled in just beautifully. He is so lively & loves a good game chasing toys. He’s continuing to explore the house & I found him this morning on top of my egg chair looking out the window. He’s also taken to sleeping beside our son which is just adorable. He’s everything we were hoping for in a kitten for our family.
Thanks again, Paula

From Paula Allen.
Hi Sue,
Oramor Smokey is settling in so well. He’s getting really lively & enjoying having the kids play with him. He’s eating, drinking & using his litter tray perfectly.
We are so very in love with Oramor Smokey.
Regards Paula.23rd February,  2020.
Oramor Maverick 

Hi Sue,

Oramor Maverick 😍 isn’t he just perfect. My heart is so full since having Maverick join the family 🥰🥰

Kate Pershouse.
December,  29th 2019


 Oramor Morpheus & Oramor Mr. Anderson.
Proudly owned by Linda Martin.


Oramor Minki & Oramor Suki

 Proudly owned by Bruce & Marion Wallis.
December, 16th 2019.


Hong Kong - 12 yr. old Oramor Honey

Proudly owned by Graham Ford.


Oramor Maverick

Hi Sue,  A picture of my handsome blue eyed boy! Oramor Maverick.
 Proudly owned by Kate Pershouse


 Oramor Pharaoh

Good morning Sue,
Just wanted to send you a quick update on Oramor Pharaoh. He has settled in so well and is very much at home here. He has grown so much. 
Hope you have a good day,
Kristy and Jason Yanner. 😊 20/10/19


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