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The name of Sue’s cattery says it all. ‘Oramor’ – a word derived from ‘Orana’, Aboriginal for welcome and ‘Amor’, Spanish for love.

It’s a unique and beautiful name that perfectly sums up the breeding philosophy of Sue Flavel.

“We are all about welcoming our kittens with love. I am thrilled when I see kittens I have lovingly raised going off to their new homes in the loving arms their new owners to share their life, their bed, and their best chair,” Sue says.

Although Sue has her fair share of champions and grand-champions, it’s about breeding healthy, robust, ultra-affectionate kittens. “I don’t believe in breeding extremes. My aim is to breed a quality cat that are loyal and affectionate.”

Sue started breeding Burmese approx. 30 years ago and went into breeding theSiamese some time later from her property in regional Queensland and now has customers from Europe, Asia, America and the Pacific, as well as all over Australia.

Her customers find her through word of mouth, and in the last few years, through her web-site, which she designed herself.

“I started out very small and gradually built  up my breeding stock.  It takes a lot of dedication, but I just love the Burmese & Siamese breed".

“Burmese are just like little children. They never grow up. They are loving, funny little characters and are the ultimate pet, fitting into any family,” Sue adds.

“They are lovable and intelligent, with a beautifully balanced body, rounded head, an expressive face and golden eyes,” Sue explains.
“They have a lovely sleek coat, which requires very little maintenance. But of course, they love the attention of being groomed!”

They come in a ‘rainbow’ of colours: chocolate, brown, blue, lilac, cream, red and tortoiseshell. 
According to Sue, Burmese are most content if they have another cat or dog in the house. “Burmese are a very active cat, and very, very social.  They need a playmate to use up their energy and interact with, especially if they are left alone during the day or night. It keeps them much more relaxed and contented”.

Burmese are very curious and have no road sense what so ever, so they must be kept indoors. I just hate to hear from people who have lost their beloved cat!”

Burmese are warm, friendly, affectionate and extremely loyal.  And according to Sue, they can make a cat lover out of just about anyone.

“Siamese will give you life-long devotion, they are ultra-affectionate!  With all the loving qualities of the Burmese, they are the ideal family pet” Sue boasts. “Their deep vivid blue eyes are so endearing and empowering and I find Siamese  to be quite spiritual”.

Over the years, Sue has developed a reputation for breeding personable, well-adjusted cats and her blog site is filled with glowing testimonials.

 “Our girl is everything that is wonderful about kittens: curious, sweet, loving, mischievous and an all-round darling.  Thank you so much Sue for giving us this ray of sunshine.  She is amazing and perfect in every way!” writes Drea from Hong Kong of her chocolate Burmese kitten.

And from Italy, Victoria and Kris write of their two Siamese kittens, “I can tell from their beautiful personalities how much time and dedication Sue put into raising these kittens.”

“I am really proud of the fact that people realize my love for animals. People are in constant contact with me, it’s not just the kitten I offer, but advice and support,” Sue says.

“I’ve formed very close friendships with people and continue to be in touch over the years.”

It seems the personality of the Burmese & Siamese can also rub off on the owners!

You can contact Sue via: 

Oramor Burmese Kittens and Siamese Kittens,

Maryborough, Q 4650

By:- Lara McKinley, Documentary Photo Journalist

Oramor Burmese and Siamese Kittens 

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