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“Oramor” Burmese & Siamese provide you with  companionship, unconditional love and affection!              

Sue has been breeding top quality Burmese & Siamese Kittens for many years under the registered prefix “ORAMOR” in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia and has gained the respect as being a reputable and extremely responsible and dedicated cat breeder.

Sue’s primary aim is to breed healthy, robust kittens with loving, people-oriented, ultra-affectionate purrsonalities.  The health and well-being of Sue’s cats/kittens is paramount as her web site will testify! 
Sue’s Burmese & Siamese Kittens are lovingly raised with pride and your happiness at heart!

We don’t just sell kittens, sound advice and after sale support is offered by “Oramor”

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Oramor Burmese Kitten.


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 "Oramor" Burmese kittens are lovingly raised with pride 
           and your happiness at heart!

"Oramor" Burmese kittens are Vet checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped, 
litter trained, worm and flea treated.  
Feeding and Care Guide included.  
Sold with Certificates of Pedigree & Registration.  

 "Oramor" Burmese & Siamese kittens sold as quality pets, 
to be spayed/neutered  at 5 - 6 months of age. 

"Oramor" Burmese and Siamese kittens have wonderful ultra-affectionate natures  and are are happy healthy and robust.

"Oramor" Burmese Kittens - The ideal family pet

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Sue's Sueperb Siamese Kittens, lovingly raised with pride and your happiness at heart.

Life will never be dull if you are owned by an "ORAMOR" Siamese! 
Extraordinarily intelligent and inquisitive, these fur-persons are energetic and playful companions.  
Siamese are steadfastly loyal, being totally devoted to their owners!
Looking like porcelain figurines, these cats are truly living, 
breathing works of art!

"Oramor" Kittens are
 Vet checked, vaccinated and micro-chipped,  

 worm/flea treated, litter trained, with feeding and care guide.
Certificates of Pedigree and Registration included.

'Oramor' Siamese kittens are ultra-affectionate, 
happy, healthy and robust.

"Oramor" Siamese Kittens, the ideal family pet. 
Happy to arrange National and International flight delivery .

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The Siamese is for all those who want a full-on relationship with a character cat.

No shrinking violet, the Siamese both demands and provides extremely stimulating companionship.
Legend has it that the Siamese were originally temple cats and received the souls of mortals upon their deaths.
The Siamese originated in Siam, which is the Thailand that we know today. This breed is thought to be the oldest or one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. They are renowned for their amazing voice. The Siamese communicates like no other and has enthralled people all over the world.

From an exotic past, the Siamese has become one of the most recognized breeds of cat in the world. A feature of the breed is its markings, or points of colour, on the face, ears, lower legs and tail. The body colour of the Siamese can be frosty white or cream, and the “points” range from the original seal point to tabby, tortie, red, cream, blue, chocolate and lilac point.

Whatever the colour scheme of the cat, the Siamese will always have vivid blue eyes.
Siamese kittens develop early and quickly and show an individual personality.
They are very active and dislike being left alone. They are “talkers”! One of the reasons they make such good companions is this ability to have a conversation.

Extremely intelligent and elegant, they insist on taking an active part in their owner’s lives. With such an interesting and individual personality cat you can be sure life will never be dull - they are excellent company for those wanting a loving, lively and entertaining companion....…


Foremost among these must surely be the Siamese's famous kinked tail - nowadays selected against by breeders but epitomising earlier examples - whose origin is the basis for several charming stories. For example: one warm morning a beautiful Siamese princess decided to bathe in the palace garden's cool lake, so she threaded her valuable golden rings onto the long sleek tail of her beloved cat for safekeeping until she returned.

Unfortunately, the smooth rings persistently slid down the cat's tail and seemed destined to be lost - until he cleverly crooked the tip of his tail, thereby holding them securely in place. As the day was so warm, however, the princess did not return as swiftly as she had planned - several hours passed before she came back to her faithful cat and unhooked her rings from his tail. By this time, it had become very cramped, and the cat was overjoyed at the prospect of being able to straighten it again - but when he tried to do so, he discovered to his horror that it would not straighten. It had stiffened, permanently - and all Siamese cats from then on were born with a kink in their tail.


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Oramor Chocolate Burmese
Oramor Uschi, One year old and Gorgeous!

Hi Sue
Just a quick message to let you know that Oramor Uschi is growing into a beautiful lady. 
She certainly has a lovely chocolate colour and a very outgoing disposition.
Thank you again for her.
Regards, Deni Castle. Sept, '16

Hi Sue, Just a quick message to let you know that Oramor Uschi is growing into a beautiful lady. She certainly has a lovely chocolate colour and a very outgoing disposition.
Thank you again for her.
Regards, Deni 12/9/16
  Oramor Maybel.
Hi Sue, I have been meaning to send you photos of Oramor Maybel
She is a gorgeous cat and very affectionate. Everyone who meets her adores her!!
She is mostly inside, but loves to sit in the garden from time time. She wears a cat harness with bell and tag and occasionally lets herself into the neighbours house for cuddles!
We love her.
Regards, Rebecca Pezzutti. Sept, '16
 Oramor Leila & Oramor Simba

Can you kiss a kitten n smother them too much??hahaha. They ran all night calling..
..I guess that's why they have slept all day today. They have been eating n using their litter tray. They are playing with us n each other so much n never stop purring. As soon as they come in my room where I'm laid up they both jump straight on me n snuggle in. We love them so much Sue...can't thank you enough for these beautiful kittens with lovely temperaments.
Natalie Voss, Emerald.
August, '16

They are only small in reality but in bed space they Take up a lot of room!! 
Talk about spreading out..
 Aug, 20th, '16

 Sleeping buddies. Oramor Simba and Oramor Leila.

Hi Sue,
We took Oramor Burmese, Leila and Simba for their first vet appointment this morning and you will be happy to hear they have both been given a clean bill of health.
Our vet noted what stunning looking cats they both are and asked where we got them from, as she told my husband they were exceptional Burmese, which I thought was a nice compliment to you and your hard work with breeding nice healthy cats.
As I have mentioned before, you have been extremely professional to deal with and very kind and courteous.
Take care Sue,
Regards, Natalie Voss Sept,'16

Oramor Leila and Oramor Simba try to get 'poll' sleep position on my husband As soon as he sits down. Second photo shows Simba won...and loved his afternoon nap on dads the way he spreads out that cheeky boy!!!!
September, '16
My daughter Holly reading to Oramor Simba who crawled in her lap...he is in heaven haha Enjoy xx Nat
Sept, 17th 2016



Hi there from Hong Kong...  I imagine that today was stressful with the departure of the three Burmese Kittens.  
We are so, so looking forward to meeting them on Wednesday morning, 23rd March, 2016.  I know you know this but wanted to stress again that none of them will want for nothing in the years ahead.  They are going to be truly cherished and we will raise them well, I promise.  As with your other adoptive parents, we'll keep you updated on their progress of course.  
But beyond this, Sue, I wanted to be sure to thank you hugely for ALL the help, support and responsiveness since last summer when you and I first 'met'.on line..  You've been wonderful over this whole process and both Tony and I are deeply grateful.  I hope I've not been too painful and trying of your patience...  
Will update you next on Wednesday morning when the three arrive.  Anything you need  from us between now and then please just let me know.
Best as always - ANDY (& TONY)

Email from Andy - Oramor Kittens Arrival in Hong Kong.

Morning, Sue -- You'll be pleased to hear the three had a good night. I finally put them to bed about 2:30am when their initial frenzy of arrival-activity slowed. Very little nervousness about their environment at all, but more so of us maybe. I know that will fade as they find their feet.
All are eating, drinking and using their tray. And we are utterly enchanted if stunned that something so long planned turned out this well - and cute!
 Oramor Taylor, Brown Burmese.


Good morning from Hong Kong...  Just a quick update from this side...  I am back at work this morning after the extended Easter break.  Wanted to let you know that all three kittens are doing really well and settling in proceeding without incident.  They have loved being the focus of two men for the past five days!  I'll keep you posted as the week continues on how they fare.  We are both intrigued what their obsession with the bathroom/tub might be though -- George in particular hovers crying outside the door until let in there and then is happy as Larry when he has porcelain under his paws!

A quick photo of all three attached for you...  More to follow as it happens!

 Sue...  Can't wait for the working-week to end and thus giving me a chance to bond anew with the kittens.  
I just  wanted to share an SMS T sent me over earlier when I asked how they were doing: "Oramor" Edna has become ever more loving and attention-needing.  I am thrilled. Oramor George is a gorgeous little bundle of fluffy mink and Oramor Taylor is so delicate and adorable.  We have won the lottery!"   :)
Shot of George below from last night after the usual furry-torpedo chasing insanely around the apartment!  What a cutey!
Andy, Hong King 1/4/16
Oramor Gorgeous George

Hi there from Hong Kong...  Very much hope that all is going well in your world. 
It suddenly struck me that in these first key weeks it had all gone silent from me for a bit.  So just wanted to drop you a line...  All is going great.  The three really have settled in now and any initial skittishness has totally gone - even in previously-shy Edna!  George - well he is, as you know, very special and a total attention seeker.  Tay is always the first to come to Tony or my lap and Edna has totally come out of her shell.  We love them all dearly and so grateful to you for raising them so well.  And boy are they growing fast -- I swear George is already twice the size as on arrival and with Taylor now catching up with Edna, telling our two girls apart is increasingly tough!

A couple of photos attached - George getting cuddles and looking very chilled, me getting Tay time last night when I got home and then all three doing their darndest to stop me working last night.

Hope all is good with you and yours. Andy Clarke. 13/4/16

 Sue -- Hi there. Hope all is good.
Tony sent me the following shot this morning from home.
Every time I check it out it cracks me up. As you said a month or so ago, he is a one of a kind. So much character in that face. :)

Had to share!

ANDY  28/4/16

            From Andy, HONG KONG.
Sue -- Hi... Just to reassure that all is very, very good here and to give a photo or two. Oramor Tay and Edna currently at our great vets having 'the op' together. Intensive TLC to follow. Life turned upside down in all the right ways by our three. :)

Andy Clarke.    22/5/16

24th June, '16 News from Andy Clarke Hong Kong:- Heading home to the three Burmese now. Love it when I walk through the door and they come bounding towards me! We love them to bits!!



Hello Sue,
Happy Easter (belated) from two happy Hong Kong Oramor kitties. Both Oramor Coco and Oramor Buttons continue to thrive and are just wonderful pets.
Hope you are well. As you can see from the pictures, they are relaxed and content with family life.

Mina xx 1/4/16

Dear Sue,Thought you'd like some more photos of our beautiful Oramor kitties. 
Buttons and Coco very 'chillaxed' on Saturday. They have fabulous personalities. Seriously dog~like at times. We call them our 'dog cats' some days.
Mina, Simon, Harriet and Esther
Hong Kong


Oramor Vegas, Lilac Burmese

Dear Sue,
Oramor Vegas  is having the time of his life!❤
 Jo-Ann Adams,
Noosaville. Q 28/4/16

Oh Happy Days! Oramor Viva blue Burmese has bonded with her new playmate, Oramor Vegas!

Hi Sue,
Oramor Vegas, Lilac Burmese kitten is a busy boy... He wears Oramor Viva, Blue Burmese and... Me... Out. A gorgeous little man, Oramor Viva still rules though! Thankyou. Jo-Ann Adams. 1/6/16


24th Sept, '16

24th Sept, '16


 From Howard Thrift - Oramor Macavity.

Yep that's an Oramor Burmese for you they seem to do their best impersonation of Jabba the Hutt . 
Our boy Macavity channelling Jabba on our bed . 1/5/16


                                ORAMOR RIMSKY - Chocolate Burmese

Oramor Rimsky has been wonderful -
heaps of fun and very loving. 
Here is a photo from this morning so you can see how gorgeous he is. 
Thanks Sue. 
Cheers Carolyn and Rimsky. 
Sydney. 16/4/16


                                        From Margot Ilwain, WA.
                                Love my Oramor Burmese boys. 


From Jaclyn Wong - HONG KONG

So true! Here's my little Chihuahua, Toby, with 12 year old Oramor Olivia. 
Toby loves cuddling with her! I guess she keeps him warm!!


 Kung Hei Fat Choy! 

 Email From Sam, Hong Kong.Kung Hei Fat Choy! 

Hi Sue,
Kung Hei Fat Choy! Today is Chinese New Year. 
Oramor Yee Fuk, Oramor Hoi Hoi and I would like to send a warmest greeting to you and your family. 
Wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy Year of the Monkey!
Sam, Hong Kong,Feb, 16
Hi Sue,
Time flies... Oramor Yee Fuk, brown Burmese and Oramor Hoi Hoi, lilac female, have their 1st birthday today. I want to share the happiness and their latest photos with you. Hope you like them!
Sam 30/4/16.





Oramor Jazz looking healthier after her ordeal in August. She is now back to her original weight or a little bit heavier. She is so glad to be home, she hardly goes outside only to go to the loo or lay on the deck in the sun. She hasn't even attempted to jump up onto the 4WD. I think she has learnt her lesson. Just thought I would give you an update on her recovery. Jazz is the cat who decided to go for a ride on top of our roof racks. She came off while travelling 100km & ran into the bush, she was found two & a half months later 7 km away from where she originally went missing. She was found in a emaciated state. Took her to the vet for a check up as she had damaged her cruciate on her hind leg & had respiratory issues which required medication.
From Larrissa Hutchings, 25/1/16  

Oramor Macavity and Oramor Mo Jo
Oramor Macavity and Oramor Mo Jo still cuddle up despite the 35 C heat .
Howard Thrift. 30/1/16


         Oramor Tim Tam

 Email from Anne & Peter Grills.NSW. The photo are of what turned out to be Oramor Tim Tams very favourite toys. Boy, could he give them both a hard time !



Hi Sue,
Oramor Janus is getting big now! He has been a beautiful addition to our little family. He is so full of personality and energy. He is such a sweet little boy sometimes, always following us around and curling up on us and purring. And then sometimes he just goes crazy and sprints around the house and attacks toes and ankles, toilet paper, books, just whatever he can get his little paws on. He's so cheeky. Such a cute little boy. We are very much looking forward to getting a little brother for him from you soon!
Sarah Proodfoot,
Tasmania. 14/2/16

Feeling under the weather tonight, so my baby boys have curled up with me to help make me feel better  ♡
They are the absolute sweetest and I couldn't imagine my life without them.
You breed the most fantastic, beautiful kitties Sue!
Sarah Proodfoot, Tasmania

Oramor Hermie

Oramor Hermies valentines photo.
From Kim Lynch,




Hi Sue,
I purchased a brown Burmese kitten off you in July 2015.  We had called 
her Molly, she had the best personality and was a wonderful playmate for 
our daughter Mia.
I have been putting off writing you this email.  Our little Molly 
escaped on the 3rd of December.  I only work one day a week and this 
happened to be the day she had got out, my partner Nathan had not even 
noticed until I had gotten home.  She was an indoor kitten, however a 
door at our house was not closed properly and she managed to get out.  
Molly liked running at the screen doors and jumping on them to climb up 
(we think this is how she got out).  I had called all of the vets and
placed ads that she was missing on quite a few facebook pages and the 
council website.  I had spoken to most of the houses in our area and the 
only sighting of her was from  a couple of girls who were very sure they 
saw her run off into the bush which is behind the houses across the road 
from us.  That was a two days after she first went missing  and since 
then there has been nothing.

I have attached a few photos of her for you.  She was the sweetest little kitten I had ever had so cuddly it was beautiful.  Molly was so 
gentle with our little girl Mia.  Wherever Mia was you would find Molly right behind her.  Our morning wake up with Mia was Molly would push past me to get into Mia's room first.  Mia would call out "Kitty" and 
then Molly would jump up on to Mia's change table so Mia could pat her while I changed her nappy.  It was so cute to watch.  Thank you for the way you socialize your kittens because they have most beautiful nature.

Even though I miss Molly I think our little girl may miss her more she will be playing away then all of a sudden she stops taps on her thigh and calls out "kitty".  When she does this I have to hold back the tears 
because being 19 months old she doesn't understand that Molly is not here anymore.
When I am ready for a kitten again I would love another "Oramor" baby.  
I know Mia would love another kitten now but I'm just not ready yet, I still hope Molly will find her way back to us.  If you could keep us in mind if you have any brown Burmese girls in your litter this year it 
would be much appreciated.
I'm very sorry if I have now ruined your new year but i thought you should know.
Kind Regards
Melissa. 4/1/16.


Email from Melissa, Calliope. Qld.
Hi Sue,
I just thought I would update you on how our little 'Oramor' Sassy is going on her first week with us. She was very quite when we first got her home and didn't really want to come near us, but the second day she was running around playing & letting Mia pat her and cuddle her. Mia absolutly loves Sassy she always wants to cuddle kitty & I'm pretty sure Sassy loves being cuddled too. Sassy play's most of the day with Mia & when Mia curls up on the couch for a nap little Miss Sassy curls up right next to her for a nap as well.
Thank you very much for letting us purchase Sassy, she is truly loved at our home.
Kind Regards,
Melissa. 5/3/16

Hi Sue,
So this is just a quick update to let you know how our little Oramor Sassy is doing.   She is absolutely obsessed with the shower she wants to hop in while I'm showering,  I've never had a cat that wants to be that close to water before.   Little Sassy has also discovered her favorite food, freshly caught reef fish.  When my partner Nathan comes home from fishing Sassy is all over him Meowing and purring because she knows she is about to get some fresh fish or mud crab.   But I still think Sassy's favorite thing to do is playing with Mia. 
Once again thank you Sue.  I'll keep you updated.
Melissa 1/4/16


Dear Sue......
I took this today of Oska reclining in bed, a nice colour co-ordination match for the bed linen.

He was very happy to be home again after nearly two weeks at the cat motel whilst I was away.
Elaine Hearnden. Brisbane.
8th Jan, "16


Renee Maitre, Runaway Bay.
From our family to yours, all the best for 2016.
Oramor Rocco.

Hi Sue,
Hope you had a wonderful Xmas and the New year brings you lots of peace and happiness. Oramor Kookie is doing really well, he's a bit of a cheeking boy and so loving, he is bonding more with Terry now too which is lovely to see. He really is a sweet little boy! Anyway just wanted to say thank you.
Take care and kindest regards, 
Vivien Boyton, Canberra. 4/1/16


Hi Sue, 
Hope you're well. Here are a  pic of little Oramor Chocolate Kookie.  He's Georgeus! 
Cheers Vivien, Canberra. 12/1/16 

Thanks Sue, Kookie is really well. His coat has gone a bit darker and is such a beautiful colour. He loves Terry, always sits on his knee when he gets home from work! Loves his little outside cage! He's so funny at times when he is darting from my bedroom window racing through the house to his outside cage when he hears something, then back to my the bedroom window again. This goes on quite often ha! ha!
Anyway Sue Hope you are well and look after yourself and thanks for all the funny an interesting emails.
Kindest regards Vivien  13/3/16


Oramor Oliver, chocolate Burmese
Irish Wolfhound on Duty

Burmese with Irish Wolfhound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Johothan McGuigan, Melbourne.



From Margot McIlwain. W.A.
Hi sue,
Thought you might like to see how 'Oramor' Lenny and Oramor Ziggy are going. 
They have another new friend that they play with now - Mr Rabbit. The rabbit chases and jumps on the cats. Very funny to watch . The cats have very different personalities. Iggy the blue is very laid back but Lenny is very demanding and vocal . Hope you are well . My son and his girlfriend are so in love with my boys they intend to adopt from you as soon as they settle into a house. 
Cheers Margot

'Oramor' Viva
Our beautiful blue Burmese ❤️Happy New Year Sue, we can't wait for our lilac girl!


Merry Christmas Sue :) hope you had a beautiful day with your loved ones.
'Oramor' SuzKat has settled in well, very loving and coming for snuggles. She loves sleeping on the sheep wool on my bed and reindeer skin in my office whilst I'm working. She makes sure I'm not doing too much work by jumping up on my computer desk so I can't see my screen hehe. 
Loves talking and following me around the house. 
Love her to bits already :)
Much love,
x Janneke Storm, Sunshine Coast. 25/12/15

Oramor Audrey and Oramor Lulu
Johanna Palenschus, Canberra. 25/12/15


Oramor Siamese Eli and Oramor Burmese kitten Mischa are working out the problems down in the world. Eli's problem is that Mischa is in his top position!
Michelle Robinson. Hervey Bay. 15/12/15

 Hello Sue,
A short note to let you know that all is going well, and little 'Oramor' Oliver, chocolate Burmese has settled in extremely well. 
The pictures show him and his little buddy (Ellie), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel -they play all day and then “crash” together to recharge batteries - and then they’re off again. 
Chloe (other cat) still keeps her distance but the Wolfhound (Mr Bingley) is eager to join in the fun - but Oliver, while increasingly relaxed around Mr Bingley is not quite ready to play with a 80 kg dog!  We’ll get there. 
All the best for Christmas and the New Year.
Ronnie, Jonathan and Oliver, Melbourne. 16/12/15
Oramor Oliver, sleeping with wolfhound and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Oramor Oliver


Oramor Mischa

Oramor Siamese Eli and Oramor Burmese kitten Mischa are working out the problems down in the world. Eli's problem is that Mischa is in top position!
Michelle Robinson. Hervey Bay. 11/12/15



 Greetings From Oramor Yee Fuk's and Oramor Hoi Hoi


Hi Sue,
I thank you so much for bringing these two lovely creatures into my life.  I really think Oramor Yee Fuk's pre-life is my previous American Curl boy.  You can't believe how many things they are in common.  In fact, their names have connection in Cantonese.  
As for Oramor Hoi Hoi, her character is totally different from Yee Fuk but she is indeed very adorable.  
I will keep you updated as to their latest status from time to time.

Sam. 26/11/15

Hi Sue,
How are you?  Would like to let you know both Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi are fine and growing up happily in Hong Kong.  Here you go some of their latest pics.
Have a nice day!
Cheers, Sam


Email from Richard Potter, Hong Kong. "Oramor" Lego

Hi Sue, Life been busy so lazy re emails. 'Oramor' Lego is typical boy - non stop playing, eating and more playing.
The two dachshunds are besotted with him and are engaged full time as playmates, mothers and protectors. He thinks they are his toys. I was a bit concerned that the Dachshunds would be too strong for him but he gives out as much as receives.
We have to be careful because he loves going outside and there are risks with this so take him out with us on a lead - which he seems to enjoy.
Attached pics of eating "on the street" Hong Kong 29/10/15



Oramor Milly, brown Burmese and Oramor Min, lilac Burmese are thriving and I have noticed Oramor Milly has really filled out. Their activities are quite fast and furious and then sleep. Everything here gets a good work over. 
I am so glad I decided to get two kittens, they are such good company for me and each other.
Photo of the Oramor Min sleeping. So peacefull.
Beth Eldred.
Burrum River. 4/10/15


Oramor Blue Lily in Port Hedland WA 

Hi Sue, 
We are the proud and happy parents of Oramor Blue Lily in Port Hedland WA and would like to get a playmate for her. She nearly 2 years old.
Thanks and Regards, 
Nils and Nicole, Port Hedland WA


"Oramor Legco safely at home in Hong Kong. 

More play?

Email from Richard Potter, Kong Kong.                              
Hi Sue,
Collected Oramor Legco from airport, he is eating and drinking, learning to play with the two Dachshunds. Photo of Betty, one of the Dachshunds and kitten playing on the bed.
Betty thinks Legco is wonderful. Legco seems to have taken to her also.

Oh, ok sleep then.
'Oramor' Legco ready for is flight to Hong Kong.

Email from Dogtainers:-

Hi Sue,
Please find some gorgeous pics of your cute little boy. We have had many cuddles with him, he is such as sweetie and so content. 
We look forward to hearing how 'Oramor' Legco goes upon arrival in Hong Kong. We are sad to see him go as he, like all of your kitties, is absolutely gorgeous smile emoticon
Thank you again for the opportunity to transport him for you. 
Until next time smile emoticon
Best Regards,
Angie De Chellis,

International Pet Travel Consultant
2nd Sept. '15

Oramor Legco arrival at Dogtainers,  Brisbane.

Hi Sue,
Photo of Oramor Legco who has arrived into our office this afternoon.
He is quite settled and happy for a cuddle.
Thank you, 
Best Regards,,
Zillah Hall. 

International Pet Travel Consultant

1st Sept, '15

'Oramor' Legco leaving for his flight to Brisbane, the first phase of his journey to 
Hong Kong.

1st September, 2015 Leaving on journey to Hong Kong.

Oramor Lilac Time with her kitten Oramor Legco 31/8/15
Goodbye my little one, goodbye. 
Be happy, have a wonderful life in Hong Kong!
 Oramor Lilac Time with her brown Burmese kitten.
Oramor Legco, "clever boy" in Cantonese, is to live in Hong Kong.


From Tina Campbell, Hervey Bay.

Milo is settling in so beautifully. His playfulness has well and truly come out and is just adorable. He talks to us a lot and as I am typing this to you he is chasing my fingers on the keyboard.
He come to greet us today when I brought the girls home from school, so he is starting to miss us when we go out.
So I’m glad his little friend is on the way.
Photo of Oramor Milo sleeping on my eldest daughter Millie last night. She was pretty happy about it.
Kind Regards,
Tina 1/9/15


"Oramor" Miss Nova wearing her Birthday collar.
Jill Bryant.


Hi Sue,
Sending you a photo of one of your Burmese kittens my daughter Emma gave me.
Oramor Cleopatra is a lovely little kitten and enjoying her company very much !
Fiona Selby, Goondiwindi, Qld


Oramor Burmese Kittens leaving for their flight Hong Kong.
Oramor Yee Fuk, brown Burmese & Oramor Hoi Hoi, lilac Burmese, leaving on the first stage of their big adventure to Hong Kong where Sam, their owner is excitedly awaiting their arrival. 3/8/15
Oramor Yee Fuk, Brown Burmese
Oramor Hoi Hoi, lilac Burmese

Oramor Yee Fuk, brown Burmese & Oramor Hoi Hoi, lilac Burmese, July, 2015

                                               "ORAMOR" BURMESE KITTENS ARRIVAL                                IN HONG KONG 6/8/15

Hello Sue,
The kittens are safe home!!!  
They are playing around in the house.  
 How lovely they are!! 
Our home is now full of joy and fun!!!
I share with you their pics!
Cheers, Sam :-)  6/8/15



They are finally tired and now sleeping.  
Thanks Sue for giving me such cute and incredible creatures!!!

Update "Oramor" Hoi Hoi and Oramor Yee Fuk from Hong Kong.

Hi Sue, How are you? The kittens are getting bigger, they are energetic and happy. 

Watching their playful fight is fun! 
Taking care of them makes me busy but I enjoy it. They are very cute and give us lots of fun! It is out of my expectation that apart from the appearance, the characters of Oramor Yee Fuk (the boy) are very similar to my previous American Curl boy. It just likes he comes back to my life again. He is healing me. "Oramor" Hoi Hoi is very lovely too, and everyone spoils her. 

Thank you so much, Sue! Will keep you posted on their status.
Cheers, Sam. 21/8/15


Dear Sue, 
Thought you would like to see some photos of Oramor Coco and Oramor Buttons. 

They are wonderful, happy cats loving family life in Hong Kong.
We adore them and couldn't imagine our home without them.
Mina, Simon, Harriet and Esther xx 



Lilac Burmese

From Renee Maitre

 Thank you so so much Sue!
You have been wonderful to deal with, very professional, very helpful, very responsive, supportive and most all extremely caring for your babies. 

 'Oramor' Rocco slept most of the drive home, he was very relaxed. He spent 5 minutes sniffing around then straight in to playing and he hasn't stopped since. He had a good wee, ate a good amount of food and has drunk plenty of water. Has has just decided to sit beside me on the lounge as I write this email (I think he's helping me write to you).  He is very mischievous and it is giving us lots of happiness. 
Thank you so much again. I have attached a couple of pictures for you since he has been home. 
I will keep you updated. 

Renee, Runaway Bay. 5/7/15 

Hi Sue, Some more photos of 'Oramor' Rocco, lilac Burmese kitten settling in. We clipped a little bit off his front claws this morning with great ease, he is very trusting already.

Hi Sue,  "Oramor" Rocco is great! We are so amazed at how perfect he is. He settled with us so quickly, yesterday and today he has not been so vocal and he is always by our side. Pete is particularly amazed about  how when he needs to go to the toilet he always goes in the right place. His favorite place to sleep at night is in-between us or around one of our necks. He loves his belly being rubbed, loves playing with us and his toys but is very gentile and he loves running from one end of the room to the other. He has been so happy, there has not been one moment that is has looked sad or unhappy, he's just an absolute delight. Thank you so much again, I'm so glad I found you, I'm so glad I waited for the baby that I wanted and that we drove all the way to get him. 

Thanks agian,
Renee, Runaway Bay. Q. 9/7/15

From Renee Maitre:- 
Hi Sue,  I just wanted to drop you a line about 'Oramor' Rocco. He is so big now and he is getting up to new tricks everyday. I took some photos of him this morning, he is just beautiful! 15/8/15