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Meet St. Gertrude, The Patron Saint of Cats

Meet St. Gertrude, 

The Patron Saint of Cats

St. Gertrude of Nivelles, lived from 621 to 659. 

So, cat lovers, insane people, and especially crazy cat ladies, the next time you’re trying to cram a reluctant kitty into a carrier for a trip to the vet or you see the neighbor cat scratching around your herb garden preparing to plant something of his own, you can ask St. Gertrude for a little intercession on your behalf. After all, it’s good to have friends in high places. 

In one legend, Gertrude promised a group of travelers that they would arrive safely from their ocean voyage. At sea, a large sea monster threatened to capsize their ship, but it fled when the pilgrims called upon St. Gertrude for protection. 

Because of this legend, medieval travelers drank a toast in her honor before starting their journey. Even today in Belgium, a drink-for-the-road is called a “St. Gertrude's Cup.”




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Cats Are Just as Loving as Dogs. Maybe More So

Cats Are Just as Loving as Dogs. 

Maybe More So


THERE IS a common stereotype that cats are far less affectionate than dogs. Dogs actually want you around; cats just want you to scoop the food. But while many stereotypes are true, this one is a misconception. Cats are just as fond of their owners; their feelings are just a tad more nuanced, and their adoration less demonstrative.
To begin to understand why, we can look back in time to before dogs and cats were domesticated. Thousands of years surviving in distinct ecological niches have molded the two species' behavior into starkly contrasting models. Dogs, by their nature, are pack animals, living in a ranked community and subservient to a leader. Together, they hunt and kill larger prey. Cats, on the other hand, are mostly solitary, but occasionally form communities of related individuals. As capable hunters in their own right, they have no pressing need to group together.
Thousands of years of living with humans have shaped dogs and cats in similar ways, but the vestiges of ancient evolutionary instincts still linger. At home, your pooch is effectively subservient to you; you are the pack leader. Contrastingly, your cat views you as an individual sharing their space. Your dog is faithful to you by nature, but your cat's affection must be earned.
When it is, cats are just as loving as dogs; you just have to know what to look for. In his new book, Cat Sense, anthrozoologist John Bradshaw clues us in.
"The upright tail is probably the clearest way cats show their affection for us." Bradshaw says.
Rubbing their owners' legs or nearby objects also indicates fondness, as do petting invitations. When a cat jumps on your lap, rolls on their back, or subtly maneuvers to make a body part more accessible, they want to be touched.
"By accepting stroking, cats are engaging in a social ritual that is reinforcing the bond with their owner."
According to Bradshaw, purring also shows contentment, however, it is not necessarily a dead giveaway.
"A purring cat also may just be hungry, or mildly anxious. Some continue to purr even when their body language indicates they are angry."
IN MANY WAYS, the human-cat relationship is much like that of lovers in the early stages of dating: the affection is there, it's just difficult to read. Cats seem aloof and unexpressive because they aren't totally accustomed to sociality. A study conducted earlier this year found that cats -- when hearing the voice of their  owner -- orient their heads and ears towards the sound. Moreover, their pupils dilate, which the researchers say is a sign of excitement. A different study, in which animal behaviorists recorded hours and hours of interactions between owners and their cats, found that cats seem to remember kindness and lovingly return it at later instances. Additionally, they noted that food is just as much a token of affection as it is a source of nourishment.
Both dogs and cats must be habituated to humans at a young age. Puppies should be handled between 7 and 14 weeks. For kittens, this sensitive period is narrower -- 4 to 8 weeks -- and more crucial. Felines who don't meet humans until ten weeks or later may fear them for the rest of their lives.
If properly cared for and respected, cats are just as doting as dogs. They won't joyously slobber all over you, but they will like you, in their own, peculiar way.




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Sue's Sueperb Siamese Kittens, lovingly raised with pride and your happiness at heart.

Life will never be dull if you are owned by an "ORAMOR" Siamese! 

Extraordinarily intelligent and inquisitive, these fur-persons are energetic and playful companions.  

Siamese are steadfastly loyal, being totally devoted to their owners!

Looking like porcelain figurines, these cats are truly living, 

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"Oramor" Siamese kittens are Vet checked, vaccinated and micro-chipped, worm/flea treated, litter trained, come with feeding and care guide and after sales advice.

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'Oramor' Siamese kittens are ultra-affectionate, happy, healthy and robust.

"Oramor" Siamese Kittens, the ideal family pet. 

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Sire: 'Oramor' Whodini


Thursday, 17 November 2016


Graham Ford, Hong Kong.
Oramor Simba (Burmese) and Oramor Honey (Siamese)

Nine years ago, Simba and Honey arrived from Sue Flavel of Oramor,Maryborough, Qld Australia.
 They are doing fine. 
18th November, 2016



From Slade and Aletha Walters:-  
Oramor Loki is settling in well with the family.
 Our Oramor Loki is so inquisitive Nov, '16


From Sam Chan, Hong Kong.

Thanks Sue for posting my beloved Oramor Yee Fuk and Oramor Hoi Hois' photo. 
They are 18 months now and living in Hong Kong happily. 
 Thanks again for sending me the little angels. Nov, '16


Email from Ms. Chan Sui Sum, Hong Kong.
Greetings from Oramor Yee Fuk's and Oramor Hoi Hoi
Email From Sam, Hong Kong.Kung Hei Fat Choy!
Hi Sue, Kung Hei Fat Choy! Today is Chinese New Year. Oramor Yee Fuk, Oramor Hoi Hoi and I would like to send a warmest greeting to you and your family. Wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy Year of the Monkey!
Sam 8th Feb, '16

Hi Sue,
I thank you so much for bringing these two lovely creatures into my life.
I really think Oramor Yee Fuk's pre-life is my previous American Curl boy. You can't believe how many things they are in common. In fact, their names have connection in Cantonese. As for Oramor Hoi Hoi, her character is totally different from Yee Fuk but she is indeed very adorable.
I will keep you updated as to their latest status from time to time.
Sam, Hong Kong 


Oramor Simba was asleep on my lap, when the movie finished this night...he didn't want to my daughter picked him up! He is a funny boy, a real character!
Natalie Voss, Emerald, Qld
Nov, '16

 Update: Oramor Simba has been castrated and came through with flying colours. Leila is soon. This is how they've been spending their days....on their fave chair laying all over each other. We don't know why but Simba loves to be held like a baby, he stretches back to an almost upside down position...funny boy!! They are providing much happiness and laughter. They are inseparable. 19th October,'16

 Oramor Simba and Oramor Leila love being outside in their harnesses.
Oramor Leila is a bit more adventurous.

From Natalie, Emerald.
Sleeping buddies. 🐱🐹Oramor Simba and Oramor Leila.
Hi Sue,
We took Oramor Burmese, Leila and Simba for their first vet appointment this morning and you will be happy to hear they have both been given a clean bill of health.
Our vet noted what stunning looking cats they both are and asked where we got them from, as she told my husband they were exceptional Burmese, which I thought was a nice compliment to you and your hard work with breeding nice healthy cats.
As I have mentioned before, you have been extremely professional to deal with and very kind and courteous.
Take care Sue,
Regards, Natalie Voss

From Natalie Voss, Emerald.
Hi Sue,
We took Oramor Burmese, Leila and Simba for their first vet appointment this morning and you will be happy to hear they have both been given a clean bill of health.
Our vet noted what stunning looking cats they both are and asked where we got them from, as she told my husband they were exceptional Burmese, which I thought was a nice compliment to you and your hard work with breeding nice healthy cats.
As I have mentioned before, you have been extremely professional to deal with and very kind and courteous.
Take care Sue,
Regards, Natalie Voss Sept 11th, '16

 From Leighanne Brown, Brisbane. Nov,'16
Oramor Seva exploring the backyard with the DIY cat restraint.
Great with this hot weather!


From Vicki Muldoon, Oramor Honey Bear helping me sew.
Nov, '16


 Andy Clarke, Hong Kong and Oramor Burmese George.
Human's back! Me so happy - and licky...

 HONG KONG - Tony Marsh
Oramor George looking whimsical.


HONG KONG. Tony Marsh.
Just hanging out in my tunnel...

 HONG KONG: Tony Marsh and Andy Clarke
Oramor George.

 From Happy Valley, Hong Kong. Oramor Burmese - Walkies!


 Well, I felt like a nibble... Love - ORAMOR GEORGE xx
 I should stress perhaps that my human is acting here... I am a good boy, ask my sisters....


Been a while since the three little ones have given Tony and I a moment to update you on progress, Sue....
George, Edna and Taylor are all thriving. Love them to bits... Oramor George and Oramor Taylor in their harnesses for their daily constitutional tonight with Oramor Edna sitting serene inside; she is less fussed about the fresh air! With love from us five up in Hong Kong...Tony Marsh, Andy Clarke 30/9/16

 Thanks for the compliments . Each are very special . Little beauties. 
Sue where did the rest of their brothers and sisters get to? How many in the litter ?

24th March, 2016

Email from Andy Clarke, Hong Kong, as he awaits the arrival of his three Oramor Burmese kittens.
SUE: Just to Say...
Hi there from Hong Kong... I imagine that today was stressful with the departure of the three Burmese Kittens on the first leg of their flight to Hong Kong.
We are so, so looking forward to meeting the kittens on Wednesday morning. I know you know this, but wanted to stress again, that none of them will want for nothing in the years ahead. They are going to be truly cherished and we will raise them well, I promise. As with your other adoptive parents, we'll keep you updated on their progress of course.
But beyond this, Sue, I wanted to be sure to thank you hugely for ALL the help, support and responsiveness since last summer when you and I first 'met'... You've been wonderful over this whole process and both Tony and I are deeply grateful.
Will update you next on Wednesday morning when the three Burmese kittens arrive.
Best as always - ANDY (& TONY)

 News From Mina Dunstan, HONG KONG. 
Hello Sue, Some recent photos of our wonderful cats. We love them so much. They think they are people. Look at their sleeping poses!
All is well here in Hong Kong.
Mina Dunstan.
Nov, '16

Email from Hong Kong.
Hi Sue,
We hope all is well. Please find the attached photos of "Oramor" Coco and "Oramor" Buttons taken this afternoon. They have settled in to our family spectacularly well and are much loved.
All the best,
Simon and Mina. 16/2/15
Sue Flavel's photo.


From Jo-Ann Adams, Noosaville, Qld.
Oramor Viva, Blue Burmese  & OramorVegas, Chocolate Burmese.

 From Jo-Ann Adams.
Dear Sue,
My Oramor Yin & Oramor Yang babies! Just Love! ❤️ Thankyou!🙏🏻
 From Jill Bryant, Mackay.
Oramor Miss Nova supervising our bedroom reno.


 Good morning Sue. Oramor Herman was sunning on the bed this morning looking too handsome not to share. He is an absolute delight. Cant get enough of him or Oramor Pebbles. Love them both so much. 
Your hard work certainly is appreciated. Cant believe its been 6 yrs already.
October, '16


 From Cathy Howe. Dave and his girls.. must be cold this morning. .
16th Octoct, 2016


 From Deni Castle, Sunshine Beach.

 Oramor Uschi, chocolate Burmese

 Oramor Uschi, One year old and Gorgeous!
Hi Sue
Just a quick message to let you know that Oramor Uschi is growing into a beautiful lady.
She certainly has a lovely chocolate colour and a very outgoing disposition.
Thank you again for her.
Regards, Deni.


 From Margot McIlwain, WA.
Love these Oramor boys X 25th March,'16

 Sara Proudfoot, Tasmania.
 Feeling under the weather tonight, so my baby boys have curled up with me to help make me feel better 3<3
They are the absolute sweetest and I couldn't imagine my life without them. You breed the most fantastic, beautiful kitties Sue!
24th March, '16

Oramor Amahle is loving her new home!
 Thank you Sue for our beautiful girl. She is an absolute treat.



Time for holidays in Adelaide! 

She is such a personality this little one. If she wants some lap time, she just nuzzles her way in until she gets a spot she likes and then she is out to it! She also sleeps between the bed sheets - something mum and dad never bargained for lol!
Ahhhh - thank you. I'm sure they will be soul sisters by the end of the holidays!
I'm so biased - but seriously do they come any prettier!
Audrey. An Oramor kitty in Canberra. 1/5/15
Oranor Audrey's Adventures 1/4/15
 Little Oramor Lulu's big day today xx 5/3/15 Adelaide

 Email from Johanna - "Oramor" Lulu.
Hi Sue, Thought you might like to see Lulu too (Audrey's biological sister) who is with my parents. Mum and dad continue to adore her. She has so enriched their lives and they love her funny ways.
Merry Christmas
Love the Palenschus family xx  Dec, '14

'Oramor' Audrey visits Santa.
Oramor  Audrey enjoying Christmas
From Johanna Palenschus
"Oramor" Audrey, toilet trained

Email and photos from Johanna, Canberra. Dec, '14
Hi Aunty Sue, It's been a while since we have been in touch but just couldn't celebrate Audrey's first birthday without you!
She is such a gorgeous grown up girl and we are the best of friends!
Love Jo and Auds xx




Email from Elaine Hearnden.
Sue, another pic of 'Oramor' Oska taken on his first birthday....27th March.
 He is a very handsome puss.
 I think he would have made a very good stud, but he is a very lovely 'lap cat' the way he is.

 Email from Elaine Hearnden, Toowoomba.
Dear Sue......thought I would send you latest pics of 'Oramor' Oska whose first birthday happens to be today! This is 'Oramor' Oska's first birthday picture. He is a very handsome chocolate boy.
Kara Brebnnan, Cherrybrook, NSW.

Oramor Nilly- I bought her 4 years ago this May. 

She is the love of my life. Thankyou!

 From Jo-Ann Adams.
"Oramor" Viva, 1st Birthday. 

Thank you.


Our beautiful Oramor Mia. 

We love her and so does our dog Benson!
Meg Kirk. January, 15.

Oramor Kasey and Clawed are looking very pampered and loved pets.
From Kirsty Eldridge. January,'15


This is Lenny & Iggy's favourite spot! They are growing so fast .
Such beautiful and affectionate kittens Sue!
Just love them 😀😀🐾🐾
Margot McIlwain, Western Australia. 14/12/14

 Hi Sue,
Just thought I would give you an update on the kittens. They are growing and have a healthy appetite! When I lie down all the animals like to be snuggled next to me! They all get on so well. We couldn't be happier with our beautiful boys. They are so affectionate 😀😀
Love them to bits 2/12/14


 Howard Thrift:-
These Oramor's certainly have a uniquie sleeping and sitting position .Macavity our Oramor Burmese doing his best Jabba the Hutt impersonation .9/12/14

Howard Thrift:-
We have a new playmate for the two Oramor's now Sue our beloved Maine Coon Rum Tum Tugger died some time back and we decided to get a similar style .So we now have Oramor Mo Jo Oramor Macavity and Sonshanley Stolley he is a Siberian Forest cat . He just adores the other two , we often find them curled up together all three at once sometimes .This him with Oramor Mo Jo the Siamese.