Monday, 10 April 2023


                     From Hong Kong, Oramor Burmese. 

Hello Sue,

Hope you are well.  Just want to share with you the joy of the 8th birthday of Oramor Yee Fuk and Oramor Hoi Hoi on 30 April, 2023. They are the cutiest and sweetest flurry babies on earth to me and live in Hong Kong healthily and happily. 

Happy birthday to their sibling Oramor Rocco, too.   

Thanks Sue for bringing such sweeties to me!

Cheers,  Sam Chan, from Hong Kong.         


                  Oramor Brown Burmese Frankie 

Hi Sue,

Writing to you to give you an update on little Oramor Frankie. 

He had his first vet appointment on Saturday and received a positive report! He in excellent condition.

Personality wise he’s very curious and very independent! He receives lots of attention and lots of love and he’s settled in quite well!

He is a very beautiful cat; receives a lot of compliments on his beautiful eyes and seems like he’s going to be a big boy! We love him. 

Best wishes,

Paul Smart.


 Hello Sue, 

I lost my treasured Oramor Mr Truffles a few months ago (aged 10yrs).

He was chocolate ( a chocolate truffle 😹😻)  

Oramor Mr. Truffles was the most extraordinary cat I’ve ever met, he rode on my horse with me & was obsessed with driving in the car! He even walked the kids into school on leash!

He was basically a dog in a cats body !

My Aunty has 2 Burmese & they are nothing in nature or confirmation like the Burmese you breed!

Oramor Mr. Truffles was everything a true Burmese should be & more! 

Your undoubtedly one of the best breeders out there, look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards 

Leah Millican.                        =============================    

                              Oramor Vivienne❤️

Owner Cathie  Carvell

Oramor Charlie 

Proudly owned by Maria Anderson 


                Oramor Muffin & Oramor Cookie 

Singapore - Oramor Muffin.
"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"
It's me, Oramor Muffin!

Singapore  - Oramor Muffin and Oramor Cookie.  
Proud owners Ruth and Brad Carson and Junice Liew. 4/5/20

From Hong Kong:-

Hello Sue,
Today is the 5th birthday of Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi.  I would like to share the happiness with you.  I assure you that they are extraordinarily happy with us in Hong Kong. 😀
Sorry that I couldn't take good photos of them😂 
Cheers, Sam 1/5/20
Oramor Cosmo and baby brother,Oramor Milo.

Proudly owned by Denise Purvis.

Oramor Milo is absolutely stunning Sue! He loves his big bro Oramor Cosmo too. Has a beautiful mellow personality.

Proudly owned by Denise Purvis. 23/4/20

Oramor Fergus and Oramor Mirren
Oramor Fergus and Oramor Mirren receiving plenty of cuddles now we home.
Thank you.
From Kathy Ferguson,  Townsville.March, 24th, 2020.
              Oramor Klaus and Oramor Beatrix ❤️
Owned by Amelia Jane.
Oramor George,  Taylor and Edna 
Owned by Andy Clarke and Tony Marsh

Oramor George and Oramor Edna in the library with a monkey.  ISO Family Fun

Proudly owned by Tony Marsh and Andy Clarke,  Sydney. 20/4/20
Enough is enough. The global economy has taken a historic plunge over the past month. It’s time to consider a practical plan for protecting public health—while also allowing for a return to work and, hopefully, a revival of the economy.
Oh, who am I kidding?  On behalf of cats everywhere, I’ll just say it: We want everyone out of the house.
It was cute for a while, but the party is over. We’re sick of this quarantine, shelter-in-place directive.
Sheltering in place? That’s a cat’s job. Cats invented sheltering in place—sleeping in the windowsill, the corner of the couch, the sock drawer in the closet and, if it gets a little too noisy, under the bed, eyes open, annoyed. Cats know what it takes to stay home all the time. We’re just tired of sharing our home with everybody else.
Have we liked getting snacks at unexpected hours? Sure. Is it nice to roll around on that warm laptop keyboard during Zoom calls? Sure is. Warm keyboards are heaven.
But it’s got to be too much. The other day I walked into the kitchen and saw someone standing in my 9 a.m. sun spot. So rude. That sun spot is only there for 15 minutes a day!  We (sort of) love you, and appreciate the occasional pats on the head, but cats are not the most social creatures. Sure, there are some exceptions. You might have one of those cats who actually enjoys human company. Congratulations.
But the vast majority of us—
Sorry. Where was I? Right. The vast majority of cats are ready for you to get back to work. Or just leave the house for longer than 15 minutes.
Please consider it. Not for your country. For cats.
[With thanks to the human who originally wrote this and Erin for the photo]

Proud owners Andy and Tony,  Sydney.
Oramor Bassy
   Vale Oramor Bassy  - from Leah Jones
Oh Sue, I miss Oramor Bassy so much.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for Oramor Bassy - he was such good fun, and so naughty, and so exquisite, and I just loved him to pieces. 
I didn't mind that Harry was his favourite, I only ever want my animals to be as happy as they can, and if that doesn't involve me, that's ok.  I don't mean I don't care as such, but I want THEM to be happy - that's what I've given them a home for - the terms of that doesn't depend on me, it's what THEY want - and if they aren't happy, it's MY fault - not theirs.  Thank God, that's never happened -
                                 From Hong Kong.  

Hello Sue, 
I hope you remember me.  I adopted Oramor Ella and Oramor  Cleo from you more than 17 years ago and brought them to live in Hong Kong. We were doing just fine - both cats have been very healthy over the years and it looked like they would both go on forever but sadly Oramor Ella developed a twisted bowel.  Sadly on 14th February,  my son and I made the decision to let her go. Looking back now I just don’t know how I got through the following weeks.  
Oramor Cleo is extremely healthy and, although I believe she misses her sister terribly, is getting twice as much affection and attention now.  Apart from a few missing teeth, she’s still behaving like a kitten at times. She insists on sitting on my left shoulder or anyone’s left shoulder for that matter.  She’s still very noisy and demanding.
I’m sorry to have to tell you of Oramor Ella’s passing but I felt you would wish to know.  We have had more than 17 wonderful years with these two beautiful, adorable cats and hope to have Oramor Cleo for several more.
I hope all is as well as can be expected with you in these difficult times we are experiencing right now and I wish that you and your family stay safe and well.
With kindest regards

Sue Hadaway, Hong Kong. 1/5/20


Happy birthday to Oramor Katie Grace on her first birthday 😻🎉💫
Proudly owned by Katrine Condon,  Melbourne. Feb. 202

Oramor Rory

Oramor Rory enjoying life. 😻
He’s such a beautiful boy we love him so much. 💕 I need a house full of Oramors.. 🥰
Owner Mill Alpha.
Oramor Raggie
From Lisa McKeown.
24th March,2020
 Oramor Max& Oramor Seb

From Chris Hoskins. 
While Oramor Max was napping today, Oramor Seb was busy giving him a good bath ...
he must have needed it! March, 2020
Hi Sue Max and Seb not exactly adhering to our new social distancing rules----

Singapore-Oramor Cookie

Singapore  - Oramor Muffin 
Proudly owned by Ruth and Brad and Aunty Junice. March, 2020

  Oramor Bodhi

From Rebecca Hitchings, Hervey Bay.
Hi Sue,
Today is Oramor Bodhi’s 4th birthday (18/02).
I wondered if you would post him on your Facebook page. 🙂
We love him so much. He’s so tolerant of the kids attention and loudness, and has such a quirky and sweet personality. He’s a member of the family, not a pet. Feb, 2020

Singapore - Oramor Muffin
From Ruth Carson, Singapore:
Hello Sue, Oramor Cookie and Oramor Muffin are the two most spoilt kitties in Singapore and loving life here!
From Margot McIlwain,WA. 
Oramor Burmese and Siamese fur-children surveying the damage after the storm. 
Cats and dogs checking everything at the front door.
All in all lots to clean up but we are safe and we are thankful for that 😊 Dec. 2019
Oramor Cosmo

From Jason Owen.
Hi Sue, 
Thank you, Oramor Cosmo is pretty awesome and his best mate is a 20kg Staffy. February,2020.
Oramor Mr.BEANS
Mummy's Boy

 Proudly owned by Ashleigh Baxter. Feb, 2020

Owned by Ashleigh Baxter,  March, 2020
 Oramor Charlie 

Proudly owned by Maria Anderson 
Oramor Vegus & Oramor Viva

From Jo-Ann Adams.
These two😘😆Oramor Vegas turned 3 on Tuesday, Oromor Viva 5 on Saturday .
How lucked we are! ❤️❤️Our beautiful fur babies Feb, 2020
Oramor Pearl
Proudly owned by Pip Courtney, March, 2020
From Hong Kong - Chinese New Year

Oramor Yee Fuk and Hoi Hoi.  Share with you the joy. :-)

Sam Chan.Feb, 2020

Oramor Ella
Proudly owned by Edith North. Feb, 2020
Singapore - Oramor Steve
Proudly owned by Natalie Salord. March, 2020
Oramor Taylor 
December 25th 2019,
Proud owners Andy and Tony 

Oramor Taylor,George and Dame Edna.

Paris - Napoleon from Oramor

Our sweet boy Napoleon from Oramor enjoying the park in Paris, France. 3/11/2019
Emily Anne

 SINGAPORE - Oramor Stephane.

From proud owners Alban & Natalie Salord.
Hi Sue, Oramor Stephane, blue Burmese has settled really fast and gets on well with his big sister Lucy our Dog. Lovely little guy. Very well trained and friendly with everyone.
Kind regards, Alban.
HONG KONG - Oramor Burmese and Siamese Kittens 
Proudly Owned By Graham Ford 

Oramor Cookie and Oramor Muffin.
Happy 1st Birthday.
Proudly owned by Brad and Ruth Carson and Junice Liew.

Singapore - Oramor Cookie, Blue Burmese


 Oramor Vanilla Muffin, Lilac 


Singapore-Oramor Muffin 



December, 2019.

             Singapore - Oramor Cookie              



Owned by Brad, Ruth & Junice. Dec. 2019.

 Christmas is so exciting for kittens. The Christmas tree 🌲🐾😺, the ornaments, the presents, the paper, the bags. Oramor Daenarys 💗 is in her element. 😂
Proudly owned by Lisa McKeown. December, 2019


 Oramor Raggie is quite the model 🐾

Proudly owned by Lisa McKeown.

 Oramor Maximilian and Oramor Sadie enjoying their breakfast... today marks 7yrs since Maximilian arrived with us in Darwin... what a cute little kitten he was and such a handsome cat he has turned out to be... thank you Sue!


 Proudly owned by Enid North, Maryborough.Q
Oramor Inka

From Cathy Howe. Gympie. Oct, 2019.
Look what I found in my costume bag... 🐈.... she's a funny girl my Oramor Inka.. 💜.. she loves the prettiest of things..


Oramor Daenary

 The look of trouble aka I didn't do it Mum, it was my brother

  Oramor Daenarys has definitely settled in. 💗💜💙🐈🐾.
Proudly owned by Lisa McKeown, Qld Oct, 2019.
Oramor Rory
Oramor Rory.. 😻
Proudly owned by Camilla Akers.

 16th December, 2019.

Owned by Mitchell Baxter & family, Maryborough, Q 5/7/19
 Oramor Thiha

Oramor Thiha soaking up the sunlight this morning.
  Owned by Cheyanne Lavelle. 23/6/19

Happy 2nd Birthday Oramor Gracie.
Proudly owned by Enid North.21/6/19
Oramor Vivienne

Happy birthday - It’s Oramor Vivienne’s 2ndbirthday ! Xxxx🎉 
The light of our lives. Thanks Sue. 
🎉Proudly owned by Cathie Carvell.21/6/19

Hong Kong - Oramor Lycan & Oramor Coco

Oramor Lycan and Oramor Coco  enjoying their life with Nick Marsh & Family Hong Kong. 
 June,13th 2019.

Oramor Dame Edna

From Oramor Edna: Good morning Daddy, I am know it’s early (4.30 am) but I is hungry. 
Can I have some snacks, can I? Can I?
Proud owner Tony Marsh and Andy Clarke, 

Oramor George 

October, 2019

Oramor George

Oramor Dame Edna and Taylor, June, 2019.

Proudly Owned by Andy Clarke and Tony Marsh. 4/7/19

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