Tuesday 21 May 2024

Oramor Burmese Kittens

Taking Expressions of Interest 

Quality Oramor Burmese kittens are sold Vet checked, Micro-chipped,  1st Vaccination, Desexed with 2nd Health Check, Certificates of Pedigree & Registration, Sterilisation Certificate, Micro-chip Certificate, Flea and worm. treated, Litter trained, Veterinary Healthcare Booklet, Oramor Feeding and Care Guide included.

Oramor Kittens are lovingly raised, happy, healthy and robust, ultra-affectionate, well socialized,  confident kittens. Excellent with children and dogs. The ideal family pet.

Sue recommends introducing two kittens into your family home as:   One kitten can become lonely and bored.  Two kittens will help keep each other entertained. Having two kittens is very amusing to watch!  Companion kittens/cats have fewer behavioral issues. 

Enquiries: So as to give your enquiry informative information,  please supply your location,  mobile number your preferred colour and gender of Oramor Burmese Kitten. 

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             Oramor Burmese and Siamese Kittens
                     Maryborough,  Qld, Australia 

                 Email: oramorkittens@bigpond.com 

                           Mobile: 044 798 3538 

           Web Site:- http://www.oramorkittens.com

Facebook Group:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/BurmeseSiamese/

FacebookPage: https://facebook.com/oramorkittens       

Visitation Policies:-   

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to our strict Bio Security regulations we have in forced, we do not allow visitors, or anyone other than ourselves to handle kittens until after they have had their first vaccination which take place at nine to ten weeks of age.....Kittens have a developing immune system, and must be protected.


Subject: Burmese:  Non cat lovers. 

Once a Burmese cat or kitten is introduced to its new family home, any non cat lovers who come in contact with this delightful Burmese kitten,  become avid lovers of the Burmese breed. 

Burmese are people-oriented and almost doglike in personality.  Burmese are true lap-loving companions; quick to learn and extremely loyal.


Previous Litter
Oramor Burmese Kittens at 5 weeks


                        Breeding Queen  - SILVER QUEEN

Oramor Blue and Oramor Lilac  Breeding Queens 


 Sire: Oramor Sunny Boy

Contact Sue by Email:-  oramorkittens@bigpond.com  

     Mobile phone number: 0447983538

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