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My gorgeous ex Breeding Queen, Oramor Velcro, chocolate point Siamese at 11 years old.
Oramor Velcro is the Dam of my breeding Queens,  Oramor Precious and Oramor Simply Irresistible. 1/5/2020
From Jason and Kristy Yanner.
Oramor Pharaoh.

Here are some pics of our growing boy (his eyes go super blue when he is outside). He is the longest (length-wise) and most adventurous cat we’ve ever come across and has well and truly settled in to his place as the Family Feline Overlord. 4/5/20

Thanks again for all the hard work you do with all your Oramor babies. These two are the most wonderful little people with beautiful personalities and wonderful big hearts. 
Thanks again
Tracey and Brad Forrest. 23/4/20

Hi Sue,  Oramor Mia sends you Easter Greetings...I'm nearly a big girl now as you can see.

Proud fur-parents Richard and Judith Williams. Vic.
12th April,  2020
Oramor Simply Irresistible Siamese Kittens 
Perth - Oramor Siamese 

Proudly owned by Jana Mittmann.
Oramor Oki

From Kathy D'Herville
We are so lucky having our gorgeous Oramor fur babies during this time.  I think the sheep skin has been the best investment ever for Oramor Oki!  Look at that look of sheer bliss! 31/3/20
Oramor Kiri 

Proudly owned by John and Cristina Dick.
Oramor Maverick 
Oramor Maverick is such a wonderful boy! Everyday he surprises me with his cheeky personality. If people tell me they don’t like cats I quickly reply “Wait until you meet Oramor Maverick!”. 
Thanks again for helping to bring this sweet little guy into my life.
Kind Regards,
Kate Pershouse. March, 2020.
Oramor Henry 
Oramor Henry is not concerned about corona in the least! Just the most gorgeous boy ever πŸ’œ March, 2020
Proudly owned by Kelly Forbes Brooker
Oramor Mia
Proudly owned by Judith Williams 
From Richard and Judith Williams. Oramor Mia.
As soon as Oramor Mia thinks it's time for us to go to bed.....she's there waiting!

This little girl becomes more gorgeous each day.Can read us like a book already.
March, 2020
Oramor Mia, relaxing and enjoying the warmth in the old farm house at Fish Creek.
From Richard and Judith. March 2020.

Housebound for two weeks..or more. I don't think Oramor Mia will mind at all. We love her, she has given us so much joy, she is precious.
Thank you Sue,  this little girl cat you have sent to us is really special and has given us more joy than you can imagine.
Loving owners Richard and Judith Williams. 24th March, 2020.
 Oramor Kakashi.

From Elise Hewlett - Oramor Kakashi.
Hi Sue,  my partner and I bought a choc point Siamese boy from you (birthday 2 Nov 2018). Just wanted to let you know he’s just the most adorable loving boy, very vocal and healthy! We love him so much, and is as thick as thief’s with our older Siamese boy too. Thanks again, you breed fine cats!!
Photos of Oramor Kakashi, you can see he is so affectionate and keen on snuggles which is all we could have hoped for really! 24th March,  2020
 Oramor  Princess Adelina and Oramor Rafael

From Brad and Tracey Forest.

Oramor Smokey
From Paula Allen.
Hi Sue,
Oramor Smokey has settled in just beautifully. He is so lively & loves a good game chasing toys. He’s continuing to explore the house & I found him this morning on top of my egg chair looking out the window. He’s also taken to sleeping beside our son which is just adorable. He’s everything we were hoping for in a kitten for our family.
Thanks again, Paula

From Paula Allen.
Hi Sue,
Oramor Smokey is settling in so well. He’s getting really lively & enjoying having the kids play with him. He’s eating, drinking & using his litter tray perfectly.
We are so very in love with Oramor Smokey.
Regards Paula.23rd February,  2020.
Oramor Maverick 

Hi Sue,

Oramor Maverick 😍 isn’t he just perfect. My heart is so full since having Maverick join the family πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Kate Pershouse.
December,  29th 2019


 Oramor Morpheus & Oramor Mr. Anderson.
Proudly owned by Linda Martin.


Oramor Minki & Oramor Suki

 Proudly owned by Bruce & Marion Wallis.
December, 16th 2019.


Hong Kong - 12 yr. old Oramor Honey

Proudly owned by Graham Ford.


Oramor Maverick

Hi Sue,  A picture of my handsome blue eyed boy! Oramor Maverick.
 Proudly owned by Kate Pershouse


 Oramor Pharaoh

Good morning Sue,
Just wanted to send you a quick update on Oramor Pharaoh. He has settled in so well and is very much at home here. He has grown so much.
Hope you have a good day,
Kristy and Jason Yanner. 😊 20/10/19

Proudly owned by Rachel Lamont, Crystal Brook. Qld
Nov, 2019.

Hi Sue, 

We just wanted to give you a bit of an update and to say a big thank you again for letting Oramor Pharaoh join our family.

He has settled in really well, and has happily taken his place as Feline Overlord. He is extremely affectionate, and has worked out his favourite snuggle spots and hiding places. He also loves to play, and we are so pleased with how good he is with our little boy. 

He is eating really well and is especially fond of fish and chicken. He has grown so much in the past week. It is unbelievable how fast they grow!

It is an absolute joy to have a Siamese back in the house, and we are very much enjoying getting to know our little guy. Thank you so much again for helping to bring him into our lives.

We’ve attached some pictures so that you can see how Oramor Pharaoh is going, and we will continue to keep you updated as to how he’s going.

Many thanks again for everything.

Kindest regards, Kristy & Jason Yanner.

October 22nd,  2019


Oramor Cintai and Oramor Maylee πŸ˜πŸ’•

Proudly owned by Jana Mittmann.

Proudly owned by Suzie Turnbull, Brisbane.

Oramor Kiri - Lilac Point Siamese Kitten.  

Proud new fur-child owners Christina and John Dick, Goodna, Qld.

Hi Sue, we are so in love with our beautiful little bundle. She is just so sweet. She found her voice in the wee hours of the morning and went exploring. 

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her into our family.  It truly is an honor and Oramor Kiri has quickly filled the gap our beautiful Misty left behind. 

We will stay in touch x 10/8/19

Hi Sue, thought I'd send you this photo of our sweet little baby Oramor Kiri. She has well and truly made herself at home. She loves to snuggle and play. She talks a lot, we love having chats with her. We love her so much. Such a beautiful little bundle xx — with John Robert Dick. 29/102019
Oramor Simply Irresistible Siamese Kittens at 8 weeks old.



Oramor Kara with the best spot in the house. Proudly owned by Rebecca Morgan.  24/6/19

Proudly owned by Nigel, Cloncurry, Qld 4/7/19

  Oramor Montie
My best mate, Oramor Montie.
Helen O'Farrell 4/7/19
Oramor Belle Mitzie
My beautiful Oramor Belle Mitzie (Mitzie for short) now 8 years and lovable companion
Proudly Owned by Helen O'Farrell, Brisbane.  4/7/19

Chis and Greg Hines are thrilled with their Oramor Siamese Kittens. May 24th 2019. 

ORAMOR SAPPHIRE-Chocolate Point Siamese kitten.

Hello Sue, Oramor Sapphire is settling in well.  She’s very beautiful and she is becoming a much-loved and adored member of our family.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Virginia Lonsdale.
From Linda Blackwood,  Katherine. NT

Oramor Samurai, Blue Point Siamese kitten

Oramor Suki

Oramor Suki-Blue Pt. Siamese. 

Proudly owned by Bruce and Marion Wallis. Q

Lilac Pt Siamese Oramor Bruno. 

Proudly owned by Anna McGregor, Cairns.Q  April,  2019


Hong Kong-Oramor Honey, 11.5 years old. 

Proud loving owner, Graham Ford.
May, 2019


 Owner Catherine McGoram, North Rocks. NSW April, 2019.


   Oramor Queen Cintai Sends Her Purrsss 🐾🐾

Proudly ownded by Jana Mittmann 5/1/19

Jana Mittmann
January 16 at 2:52 PM
Sue Flavel breeds amazing babies in Qld under Oramor Burmese & Siamese. We love our two, soo affectionate with the best purrsonalities.
We love our girls sooo much! And everyone who meets them (even people who don’t usually like cats) fall in love with them.

Maylee is the cheeky one! A bundle full of purrsonality and lots and lots of love and affection! She runs the house! 
She is a bluepoint, a bit darker than the lilac points.


Proudly owned by Jana Mittmann 5/1/19


Oramor Maylee sending everyone her purrs, Jana Mittmann. 8/1/19 🐾



 Oramor Henry

Can I be more regal! πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•
Proud owner Kelly Forbes Brooker.




Elise Hewlett I love them both so much, he (Oramor Kakashi, Chocolate Point Siamese) is like a wind-back in time of baby Kit (our 2yo seal-point Siamese boy) all over again and exactly what we were hoping for- courageous, playful, energetic yet snuggles on our laps and sleeps curled up with us. Thank you so much again Sue, he’s such a beautiful little fella!
Jan, 2019.



Proud owner: Chad Muscio

 Oramor Bruno - Seal Point Siamese kitten. 17/1/19




JAN, 2019. 



Proudly owned by Domna Lovatt. 2/12/18


Hi Sue
Just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that we lost our beautiful Oramor Ziggy in November.  We had 12 wonderful years with our beautiful boy and have so many precious memories we will cherish forever. He brought so much love into our lives and the hole he has left is continually heartbreaking.
I wanted to thank you for  raising such amazing fur babies that are so loving and gentle, becoming your best friend and leave their paw prints on your heart forever.
Kindest regards
Annette Serio. 12/1/19





Hi Sue
Hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all the best for the new year.
And up date on Oramor Romeo, he is adorable, mischievous always looking for trouble or cuddles. We adopted a refuge kitten around the same age and they get on like a house on firer. Since Romeo joined our family the poor dog has lost her bed. 6/1/2019


Oramor SUKI - Blue Point Siamese

 May, 2019.
Merry Xmas from Oramor Minki and SUKI

 From Bruce Wallis.  Christmas 2018.



 Oramor Phoebe - Lilac Point Siamese

 Hello Sue,
Oramor Phoebe is celebrating her first Birthday πŸŽ‰ She brings so much Joy with her cheeky antics πŸ’– We wish you and your Family a very Merry Christmas a Happy and Healthy 2019
Love and Hugs to you
CJ Jones & Phoebe XOXO 20/12/18


From Carol Jones - Mackay.
Hi Sue 😊 My Oramor Phoebe is 9 months old now. Such a beautiful girl with a very cheeky character and so full of affection Sept."18

Oramor Phoebe 3 months


 Oramor Henry - Blue Point Siamese

 From Kelly Forbes Brooker
If Oramor Edith is a pudding puff, I am refined, elegance. The sophisticated cat, Oramor Henry. Sept,"18




  Hi Sue, Ziggy's helping me with my computer work. 14/10/18


Oramor Blue Point Siamese kitten Ziggy
Proudly owned by Domna Lovatt
October, 2018 

  Oramor Marty Ho - 9 yrs old

Hi Sue, Oramor Marty Ho turned 9 (D.O.B 020909). 
Thought you might like a photo. He is the now senior in our family now but still a character. 
 Cheers Melanie Ho . 14/10/18

From Sandra Kirkman
Oramor Jasper having a quiet moment. September, 2018


Oramor Ivy & Oramor Aisha

  Hey Mum,
Soooo it’s our birthday today! πŸŽ‰
Can you believe we are 1? We are big girls now. We are uber chatty, we know everything and totally own our humans. Everyone that comes to visit loves us and we can often be found hiding our owners pens, keys, clothes and opal cards!
We miss you loads but gotta go, it’s time to play with da bird!!
Oramor Ivy & Oramor Aisha ❤️

Proudly owned by Graham Chapman NSW



Juliette Cavendish-Oramor Amelia.
Hi Sue, I wanted to let you know that Oramor Amelia is doing really well. She is a beautiful addition to my family - such a lovely little soul with a HUGE personality.
We totally adore her 😊
Here is a pic of Amelia with her teddy.
Kind regards, Juliette. 24/7/18


From  Jana Mittmann - WA

Sue’s cats are just the best! Everyone who meets our two Siamese cats (even people who are not cat lovers) grow very fond of them! We can not believe the amount of personality in such small bodies! They are so affectionate! We love them to bits!



Proud owner Margot McIlwain WA

 Oramor Phoebe

Proudly ownded by Anna McGregor, 24/12/18


Proudly owned by Miss Anna McGregor, Cairns.


 Oramor Kimba, Lilac Pt. & Oramor Raja, Blue Pt.
Proudly owned by Catherine McGoram, Steve Brockington.

Oramor Kimba and Raja best friends at 8 months old 2/10/18



Proud owner Cindy Matthews - Cairns. 10/4/18





ORAMOR AVALON - Blue Point Siamese

Owned by Amanda Harth



From  Jana Mittmann -Perth.
Snooozyyy Sundayyy!!! 🐾🐈


Oramor Li’l Joe

Cyclone? What Cyclone? Oramor Li’l Joe’s response to cyclone Iris alert πŸŒͺπŸŒͺ

Lesley Wilson 4/4/18 



Brotherly love. Oramor Kimba with both 'arms' around Oramor Raja neck. 15/4/18


14th April, 2018

 Hey Mum, Happy Easter from Oramor Ivy & Aisha Chapman! 🐣
We have moved house since we last spoke but as you can see we are just as comfortable in our new digs. Can you believe we are 7 months old? We will be big girls soon!! 30/3/18

 Oramor Raja and Oramor Kimba. 'Our chair now' May, 2018



Hey Sue!
Little update on Oramor Bruno! We are so in love with him! He’s very cheeky and loves to be wherever we are, doesn’t let us sleep much though! Haha thank you again! 😍
Anna McGregor, Cairns. 23/3/18



 Carol Jones, Mackay. Very impressed Sue πŸ˜ƒ Im still looking at her she's just the sweetest πŸ’–

Hi Sue 😊
Oramor Phoebe is a sheer delight πŸ’– she didn't take long at all to settle in, the dogs don't mind her and she's very cheeky to them and even lays on the floor along side them, she has bought such joy. 😍 

A very gentle, affectionate wee girl, such a character.
Kind Regards, Carol Jones, Mackay. 20/3/18



 With Oramor Micah - Blue Burmese & Oramor Seal Point Siamese

From Dr.  Sandra Zeeman - Brisbane.



My beautiful girls, Oramor LucyLu and Layla

Owner - Jennifer Clark



Proud owner Jennifer Clark, Feb, 2018

  *VALE ORAMOR CHARLIE* - Lilac Point Siamese

 It is with a broken heart i tell you my beautiful CHARLIE passed away 21 st july 2017.
It was my fault.....
It has taken me till come to accept his death .
Love your babies with all your heart.  Gloria Sharp. Hervey Bay.

Glory Sharp is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from kind hearted, special caring Oramor Siamese & Burmese owners who are all touched in some way by the sad loss of her treasured Oramor Charlie.
Oramor Charlie will live on in the hearts of everyone.
The Spirit & Essence of Oramor Charlie lives on in Oramor Siamese fur-persons.
Oramor Charlie Darling, you were so very 'Precious'.
Greatly loved and missed.


 Much love from Oramor Ivy & Oramor Aisha

Proud owner Lesley Chambers, Sydney


 Oramor Keiko and Oramor Saki

 Proud owner Narelle Bognar


Oramor Longwei and Oramor Bigboi .

 So sorry for your loss, I lost our last blue point exactly the same way it’s just heartbreaking ..Sue recommended 2 kittens so they could keep each other company, it is beautiful to see how much the brothers love each other ... here are my boys Oramor Longwei and Oramor Bigboi .. Amanda Hinds


 Oramor Minnie

Pround owner: Melanie Merhi 


 Oramor Lola & Oramor Ziggy ❤️ Love a cuddle these two.

 From Stephanie Hobden-Sunbury. Vic.


 Oramor Maylee and Cintai send all their love and purrs

Owner Jana Mittmann



 Afternoon Sue, Hope you had a good Christmas and new year.
Aerith out for her afternoon walk.
She had lots of fun with her Christmas gifts and maybe more fun with the wrapping paper and boxes. Regards Nigel Gibson, Cloncurry. Qld.



 From Amanda Hinds 1/1/18



Amanda Harth, Oramor Ava decorating Christmas Tree. 4/12/17


Hi Sue, Here are a few good happy snaps of your Oramor girls Ivy & Oramor Aisha.
Thought you might enjoy these.
Cheers, Graham Chapman & Lesley Chambers, Sydney

Oramor Ivy Lilac Point and Oramor Aisha, Blue Point Siamese.
Hey Mum, life is pretty good here. Our new humans spoil us rotten!
We are pretty comfortable and relaxed as you can see.

Hi Sue, Our Oramor Siamese kittens are so incredibly cute, kind natured and interactive.
That’s all down to you!
They have come a long way in 2 weeks and seem quite settled now! Rest assured they will want for nothing!
Cheers, Graham Chapman & Lesley Chambers 4/11/17

“Hey Mum, we had some pretty major surgery today but it’s hardly dampened our spirits. 
We totally own every human we meet, the Vet loves us!!"

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Oramor Ivy & Oramor Aisha Chapman in Sydney!! πŸΎπŸŽŠπŸŽ†
 Lesley Chambers 1/1/2018



 Hi Sue,  Oramor "Rudi" has become a handsome young man at nearly 8 months.
 He's a sweet boy but holds his own with all our cat family.
Warm regards, Pauline Shields, Brisbane.  9/10/17 🐾🐾🐾


Oramor Whiskers - Blue Point 

 From Vanessa Smolders - Maleny. Qld.
Day 1. Oramor Whiskers has completely made herself at home!


Hi Sue, Oramor Whiskers is happily settled in and has become great friends with Oramor Flowersparkle. I was a bit worried initially as Oramor Flowersparkle wasn't giving her a very warm welcome - but I followed your advice and what a difference a week has made. They play for hours! Oramor Flowersparkle used to pine at the window or door begging to get out...but not anymore! I'm so glad we decided to get her a companion. What's lovely to see is that their energy and desire to play is quite compatible.. even though Oramor Flowersparkle is nearly 5 years old.
Thanks again, Vanessa 30/9/17

Comment from Leah Jones. Qld. 
  That's a nice way for the story to end. I know so many people who worry how new animals will get on with settled ones, and it often doesn't seem too good, until one day as you look at them cuddling up together you remember how they used to scowl at each other, and thought it would never change - and just look at it now. I've never had animals who didn't end up as good friends, one just has to be a little patient for a while. Have a lovely life together, all of you. xxxxx


 From Linda Knight. TIN CAN BAY.
Hi Sue, Oramor Miss Jade has settled in really well..only 1 sleepless nite .. lol
Alex my daughter has taken really well to the additional fur baby as well.
Thank you for handing over 1 of your precious kittens.
Kind regards
Linda and Paul  28/9/17


OramorAerith out for a walk

From Nigel Gibson, Cloncurry, 30/9/17

From Pauline Shields. Brisbane.
Hi Sue,
Here's a snap of our Blue Point Siamese, Oramor "Orlando", reclining in regal splendour. Ha! Ha! He really has taken control of his 'kingdom' in our home. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜»
Warm regards, Pauline 🐾


 Oramor Seal Pt. Siamese, LucyLu & Oramor Brown Burmese, Layla.

From Jennifer Clark 3/9/17



 Oramor Lola, Siamese and Burmese Oramor Ziggy have finally called a truce ❤️❤️ 

They played all day today!

Stephanie Hobden, Meloubrne. 19/7/17



Good morning Sue, You probably wouldnt remember me but i bought a male seal point kitten off you about 6.5 years ago. I called him Oramor Oskar.
Oramor Oskar was perfect. We had an awesome bond Oskar and I. I absolutely adored my little man. 

 He brought laughter and love with him. He was absolutely spoilt rotten with love..attention and gave it back twofold.
Oskar slept with me every night and I often had to go 'cranky' at him for stealing all my pillow and i often woke up without one cause he  was so comfy and the purring was magic.
Oskar would curl up in bed with me and put his back feet in my hands and we would go to sleep that way with his purr lulling me to sleep.
Osky would steal my prawns.  One for mummy...three for Osky lol.
He would be waiting at the door when he heard my car complaining in a very loud manner if I didnt hurry up and come inside and cuddle.
Oskar had very expressive eyes...would head bonk me...rub his face against mine and I knew when he felt particularly loving when his fangs would show.
Osky and I had a thing - I would lay him on his my face in his chest and je would place his paws on either side of my head  with claws sticking out and he would cuddle my head...purring his head off.. fangs bared. I loved these times.

I am sending this email to thank you for allowing Oramor Oskar to be a huge part of my life for the last six and a half years. You see Osky became extremely unwell and despite my stress and multiple vet visits...medication...bloodwork...xrays and prayers...I had to let my Oskar go on saturday 8th July, he was suffering from fungul lung infection.    To say that I am heart broken is an understatement.                              I am utterly devastated at the  loss of my little man.
Oskar comes back home again today with the help of  the pet crematorium here at Hervey Bay.                   I miss him so.

Bronny Wolfenden 



Oramor Siamese and Burmese kittens Layla and LucyLu


  It's been a very quiet afternoon. It's cold and Oramor kittens Layla and LucyLu are too cold to get out of there snuggle pod. Jennifer Clark.

Oramor Lucy Lu


Oramor Orlando Lilac Point, Oramor Rudi Seal Pt.

  Hi Sue,  Both "Orlando " (7 1/2 mths) and "Rudi" (3 1/2 mths) are thriving and having great fun in their new home. Their health, weight and appetites are excellent, so we are delighted to have them as part of our family.
Warm regards,  Pauline 🐾🐾

 Hi Sue, Oramor Rudi (Seal Pt) is growing quickly and catching up with his half brother Oramor Orlando (Blue Pt). They are both happy and healthy and they are great friends.
Warm regards,
Pauline 🐾🐾

 Hi Sue,
Here's a snap of our Blue Point Siamese, Oramor "Orlando", reclining in regal splendour. Ha! Ha!
He really has taken control of his 'kingdom' in our home. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜»
Warm regards,
Pauline 🐾🐾 28/9/17


 Oramor Data

Eve Coulston, Oramor Data with his little jumper. May, 2017



Hi Sue, This pic does not  need any words . its raining . .
 From Gloria Sharp, Hervey Bay. 20/5/17


 From Gloria Sharp.
Oramor Charlie - Lilac Pt. Siamese.
Nothing is off limits to Oramor Charlie, EVERY THING is his in our home. Except the patio and mum must be with him. It works. 30/6/17


Oramor Senna

 Hi Sue,  Oramor Senna worked out how to get into his little basket and enjoys relaxing.  

Kind Regards, Anja Laguna, Brisbane. 8/5/17 

Oramor Senna, 225/17

 Hi Sue,Our sweet baby boy Oramor Senna is growing up real fast! He is just adorable and very curious to explore his little world.
Kindest regards, Anja Laguna, Brisbane. 13/6/17

                                  Greetings from Brisbane.  Anja and Stephane Laguna. 28/7/17

    Dear Sue, Our little Oramor Senna is growing up so fast. He is such a sweetie and super social around people, which is wonderful. Tonight he is enjoying a snuggle on our friends scarf. Still trying to capture him on video when he plays with his big mouse "throw and bring back". Hope I can get it as it is so, so cute!  



From Vanessa Smolder, Maleny.
Oramor Flowersparkle is just amazing! I love following your Facebook group, it's clear that all your kittens  have great personalities..... we weren't sure if it was just Oramor Flowersparkle. We are keen to have a companion for Oramor Flowersparkle.
Regards Vanessa. 28/4/17

 Hi Sue,  this is my son with Oramor Flowersparkle who we've now been lucky enough to share our home with for nearly 5 years! She is very attached to the children and sleeps with them every night... she will walk around calling for them if they are not home! Such a credit to you!


Oramor Koko travelled well in the car and has settled in very well from the attached photos. Ashley is slightly tired this morning after their bonding at 2am this morning.  She loves her snuggle bed ! 
Many Thanks again and best wishes,
Ashley and Jennene Ward,Bundaberg. 22/4/17



Hello Sue,
Update on Oramor Porthos. He is absolutely gorgeous and we are totally in love with him! He is going really well, his personality fills the house and he is a little naughty which makes him interesting to live with!
He has now been de-sexed and recovered very quickly-seemed to charm every nurse at the vets. He adores our Golden Retriever, Echo-they are pretty inseparable now. We couldn’t live without him. I think he is teething so we have been giving him bits of duck jerky to chew on which he thinks is amazing and stops him chewing everything else.
Have a great Easter break,
Caroline and Paul Reynolds. Adelaide. SA. 13/4/17


  Oramor Longwei

 Oramor Longwei,
.. just over a year old now, so kind, inquisitive and loving.
Amanda Hinds, 30/3/17
 From Amanda Hinds.

This is our beautiful Oramor Big Boi lilac point ... much larger and hungrier than his blue point brother ..14/7/17


Oramor Charlie - Lilac Pt. Siamese

 Oramor Charlie. Hide and seek anyone ?


Hi Sue,  Oramor Charlie  sends hugs. Since his little op he has settled  down beautifully,
 he is very loving and makes me laugh every day .
Stay well and happy  Hugs from  us both.
Gloria Sharp, Hervey. 19/3/17

Oramor Cintai and Oramor Maylee - 
amazing Siamese, we love our girls so much ❤️

Oramor Cintai and Oramor Maylee enjoying cuddles on the couch! 3/4/17

 Life with Oramor Siamese πŸ˜‚ love them to bits ❤️ 29/3/17

Jana Van Dyk, PerthMarch, 2017

Oramor Cintai looking precious!
February 27, 2017 Oramor Cintai - Paint me like one of your French girls!

 Oramor Cintai and Oramor Maylee

 Oramor Maylee and Cintai love each other sooo much!! πŸ’•πŸ˜»
Queen 🐝 Cintai πŸ’• 15/7/17

 Oramor  Cintai

Oramor Maylee 


Oramor Luna

Dear Sue, Here is Oramor Luna with my daughter at Christmas.
 She is full of mischief and a lovely addition to the family - thank you.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Cynthia Jackson,
Childers. Qld 7th Jan,'17


Oramor "Orlando's" progress.

 From: Pauline Shields. Hi Sue,Just another quick update on Oramor "Orlando's" progress.
He is settling in so well and strutting his stuff when showing his toys who's boss. Ha! Ha! 😈
He's healthy and happy and has been fully accepted by the 'pride'. We all love him to bits and thank you again for breeding such beautiful kittens with ideal personalities. 🐱😻
Trust you are not being affected by the fire situation up your way, Sue. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½
Warm regards, Pauline 🐾🐾🐾 2/2/17

Hi Sue, An extra quickie to let you know that Orlando is settling in very well indeed.
He's met Abyssians and nothing phases him.
 A very confident, loving boy. They will all be firm friends in no time at all.
Many thanks again for this delightful addition to our cat family. He's a joy to us.
Warm regards, Pauline 🐾🐾🐾🐾28/12/16

Hi Mamma Sue,
Letting you know I'm very happy in my new home with my forever family at No 20. πŸ˜»πŸ±πŸ‘I'm eating and sleeping well and have Abyssians cats to play with. . 😘 Orlando 🐾29/12/16

  Hi Sue, Oramor "Orlando" continues to go from strength to strength and is growing every day. He has bonded well with the Abyssians and seems very happy within our little family. He loves his food, so we are delighted with his progress.
Warm regards and thanks for our little Menace. Ha! Ha!
Pauline Shields, Brisbane. 6/1/17

From Pauline Shields, Albany Creek. Qld. Proud to have Oramor Orlando as our little boy. 😻
Pleased to say the little guy is healthy, happy and growing every day.
He has a lot of character and heaps of confidence.
Oramor Orlando cuddling with the Abyssinian clan. Ha! Ha!
Cheers, Pauline 25/1/'17

From Pauline Shields, Brisbane.25/2/17

Hugs from Oramor Orlando.

 From Pauline Shields, Albany Creek. Qld.

Hi Sue, Orlando is settling in very well indeed. He's met his brothers and sister and nothing phases him. A very confident, loving boy. They will all be firm friends in no time at all.
Many thanks again for this delightful addition to our cat family.
He's a joy to us.
Warm regards,
Pauline 🐾🐾🐾🐾
From:- Oramor Orlando, Blue Point Siamese kitten.
Hi Mamma Sue,
Letting you know I'm very happy in my new home with my forever family at No 20. πŸ˜»πŸ±πŸ‘
I'm eating and sleeping well and have new siblings to play with.
Photo of me enjoying my new life. 😘
Oramor Orlando


Hi Sue,
Oramor Rudi was very relaxed and seemed to love all the cuddles. We got home at 3.30pm, so it was a long day for all of us but very much worthwhile to have our Seal Point boy join our family.
He is taking everything in his stride and we both love him dearly already. The start of his new life in our care.πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’•
Warm regards,Pauline Shields, Brisbane. 🐾

 Hi Sue, Oramor Rudi is settling into his new home with gusto. Eating, sleeping and playing well every day. He has made friends with Oramor Orlando and the other cats and has had no problems assimilating into the family. He is very confident, loving and curious about everything.
Thanks for bringing our little guy into the world. 😻
Pauline Shields. Brisbane.


From Gloria Sharp.
Hervey Bay, Queensland. 
Hi Sue, just saying hi from Oramor Charlie .he is very well, happy and growing fast.
Merry Christmas from us both.
Gloria.  December, 2016

  From Gloria, Hervey Bay. Qld
Hi Sue, Oramor Charlie at the top of his tower! Yes he has learnt to climb. Such a complete joy of a kitten.



 Morning Sue, could not resist  sending this photo to you. Oramor Charlie is such a.beautiful kitten.
Have good day,   love from Charlie.
Gloria Sharp, Hervey Bay. Nov,'16

Hi Sue, my beautiful baby LOVES our christmas tree as you can see!! . 
He is very happy, healthy and full of love. I am so very lucky and blessed.
Gloria Sharp, 26/11/16

Sue have to show you this photo of Oramor Charlie .xxx
Christmas, 2016.

Happy New Year Sue from Oramor Charlie and I.

Thank you for my beautiful  kitten, you have bred a magnificent  Siamese cat in my boy and I am so grateful  his mine. 
Love Glory Sharp . 


Happy New Year from Oramor Jasper with his best mate.

Sandra Kirkman. Camden. N.S.W.


Mr 11 Josh with our #Oramor babies Keiko & Saki.
They adore him

Owner:- Nigel  Gibson, Cloncurry, Qld

 Good morning Sue, Oramor Aerith and my self wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.  

 Oramor Aerith waiting for her next gift, or the paper what ever comes first.

 Afternoon Sue, Oramor Aerith sitting waiting for me to get home from work today. July, 16th 2017


Oramor Audrey

Owned by Margo McIlwain, Wickham W.A
Hi Sue, I still can't believe how well Oramor Audrey has just slotted into our menagerie. She is the most beautiful girl. All the other animals love her and she is so cuddly. Thanks for talking me into taking this beautiful Siamese girl. You were right she really compliments the others.

Hi Sue
Just look how well Oramor Audrey has settled in. We just can't believe how good she is. She is the most affectionate adorable kitten and Oramor Lenny and Iggy just love her. She has already worked out the dog door so is able to go outside and visit the ducks and chickens.
Hi Sue, As you can see Oramor Audrey is loving her new life. Oramor Lenny and Iggy just love her.

Hi Sue,
There is always a lot of jostling for a position on my knee!However queen Audrey always seems to grab prime position! We love her so much x

Hi Sue, There is always a lot of jostling for a position on my knee!  1/2/17

From John Lewis. June,'16
Hi Sue, my Oramor Siamese cats had their 3rd birthday yesterday and they are enjoying life here, 
as the attached photo shows!


Hi Sue,Oramor Astra, Seal Pt. female and Oramor Midas, blue pt. male Siamese have well and truly settled in and have grown into the happy, friendly and mischievous adolescents of the family. My dog Rosie and Midas play a lot and Midas neither gives nor takes any quarter. Astra is the more reserved of the two but she is an outgoing, cuddly little girl and likes nothing better than to lick and nip my nose.  She curls up with me in bed while Midas is always next to Rosie. They both think they have equal dibs on Rosie's mat - and she doesn't mind too much.
They are scheduled for de-sexing in late June while I'm on holidays so I guess will convalesce snuggled on the couch beside the fire.
They are simply gorgeous and I love them to bits.
Best regards
Binny Willis,

Brisbane. 5/6/16


 #‎Oramor‬ Keiko & Oramor Saki keeping our granddaughters chair warm for her next visit.
Narelle. 21/5/16

Oramor Morphius, Lilac Pt. and Oramor Mr. Anderson, Blue Point
From Linda Martin, Bloomfield. Oramor Morphius, Lilac Pt. and Oramor Mr. Anderson, Blue Point.

Hi Sue, I love these two soooo much. Linda. 1/6/16

Email with photo from Binny Willis, Brisbane. 

Greetings from the Willis clan,
Oramor Midas, Blue Point Siamese and Oramor Astra, Seal Pt., are progressing very well. Oramor Astra, though still reserved, is coming to me for her fair share of stroking and cuddles and the plucky little blue boy is having his fair share as well. He really loves to cuddle and have sweet nothings whispered in his ear. He did major battle with a large fly this afternoon and displayed his full array of hunting and jumping skills. 
Most disgusted when it flew away. Both are eating well. Yoghurt and cottage cheese are popular afternoon snacks. I couldn't find them in the study when I came home this afternoon and it wasn't until Astra answered my call that I looked up to find them on these old discarded pillows. We are getting closer to being brave with my dog Rosie, but not quite ready yet. 
Binny, Brisbane. April, 2016

 Oramor 'Oz and Grace' in total harmony.
From Melanie Molles
TASMANIA:- Oramor Osiris and Neyo loving eachother strong
 from Constantina Vasarmidis

 Oramor Cintai and Oramor Maylee, Adelaide.
 from Jana Van Dyk.

 Oramor Cintai posing like a model.
November, 2016

An afternoon photo session with the furbabies Oramor Cintai and Maylee

Oramor Maylee, Blue Pt. Siamese

Seal Pt. Oramor Cintai and Blue Pt. Oramor Maylee

Seal Pt. Oramor Cintai

 Seal Pt. Oramor Cintai
Oramor Maylee, Blue Pt. Siamese

Oramor Maylee and Oramor Cintai watching me work - 1/6/16

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to let you know Oramor Mia, lilac point Siamese  is doing really well.  

She is so funny and definitely a little sweetheart. 
Everyone that meets her loves her and thinks she is stunning  thank you so much for this little baby girl.

Kylie Marshall, Calliope. 4/4/16


Oramor Longwei and Oramor Big Boi .. All settled in ..

Amanda Hinds, Bundaberg, Qld


Oramor Cintai and Oramor Maylee

Ms. Jana Van Dyk, Perth. 25/3/16


Hi Sue, 
Here's a pic of Oramor Sinaya two days after her visit to the vet for her de-sexing op. Came through very well and didn't mind wearing the collar for two weeks. She is a real people cat, very sociable and affectionate and a delight to have in the house. Thank you for allowing us to have welcomed Saniya into our family.


Steve&Trish Cooper, Brisbane.




Update from Linda and Adam Blackwood, Katherine NT on Oramor China Blue. 

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to let you know what a lovely cat Oramor China Blue has grown into. She is such a delight to have around, and loves cuddling up for a story at bedtime with my daughter. Beautiful patient nature, lovely markings and a gorgeous personality. You are certainly breeding delightful Siamese! She’ll be three this year, and it feels like she has always been a member of the family.


Oramor Eli loves his little Burmese sister, Oramor Mischa
Proud Owner Michelle Robertson, Hervey Bay

 Oramor Keiko

Happy 2nd Birthday to this crazy cat 
Oramor Keiko! 
He is one big ball of energy and fun ‪#‎oramor‬ ‪#‎siamese‬

From Narelle.

                                         #‎Oramor‬ Keiko & Saki. 

They are inseparable and really are best friends.
Narelle, 25/3/16



Oramor Flowersparkle - very very loved! 
Playful and loving even now at 3!
                      Vanessa Smolders. 12/1/16

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this cat 



Oramor Cintai enjoying a sleep-in on our bed 1/1/16


Good Morning Sue,
Oramor Aerith has loved her First Christmas.
She had more fun with the paper than her toys in side, She is doing very well. 
Nige Gibson, Cloncurry. 1/1/16


Oramor Chow Yun Fat 

Merry Christmas.. 
Amanda Hinds, Bundaberg. 25/12/15



Hi Sue,
Our gorgeous girls Oramor Indie and Oramor Talea wish you and all of their Oramor brothers and sisters, cousins and friends a very happy Christmas and New Year.
Kind regards,
Susan Isaac. Brisbane. 25th Dec, 2015

Merry Christmas Sue from Oramor L'il Joe, Xander, Trevor and Lesley Wilson
Bloomsbury. Qld.



Oramor Eli wishes you all a joyous and blessing - filled Christmas and best wishes for 2016.
Michelle Robinson. Hervey Bay. 25/12/15


Oramor Li'l Grace Blue Point Siamese
Proud Owners Marcus & Melanie, Ipswich, Nov, 15


My 2 son with Oramir Minnie - they adore her very much! πŸ˜»
Melanie Merhi, Melbourne Nov, '15


It's nap time again for little Cintai
Oramor Cintai loving her new bed
Hi Sue, some photos for you from Oramor Cintai. We moved into our house on the weekend and she is loving all the space. We also put up a big cat tree which she loves.Jana. 10/12/15



Oramor Nefretiti exploring and playing in her new home! 
Thank you Sue for such a wonderful furry fun edition to our family.   Natasha.

====================================ORAMOR SAKILILAC POINT SIAMESE
A year today since we bought our beautiful Saki home ‪#‎oramor‬ ‪#‎siamese‬She has brought so much love to our home
Sue's babies are just divine and they have the best personalities. We just had a handyman at our house and he fell in love with them. Most visitors do. They are blown away about how playful and adventurous they are. Ours always put on a show and show off with visitors. 
Narelle. 27/10/15

Oramor Ophelia
Seal point Siamese

Dear Sue,  Just wanted you to know just how loved Oramor Ophelia is.
I have always given unconditional love to all my animals no matter the breed or type.  Once in awhile there is a member of the furry children who really stands out as special for me that has been my beautiful Maximillian.  Until now,  I now have another such little soul my gorgeous girl Oramor Ophelia, I cannot believe how sweet and loving she is.  She even puts up with our boisterous RSPCA rescue (dog) cat Chantelle-Rose who bemuses Ophelia with her most unladylike behavior.
I cannot imagine life without her now - she is very much loved by all and an incredible beauty (even if I am biased).  I just want to look at her and admire her all day long.

Showing off her tummy and letting us know how safe she feels ... Xxx
Regards, Kara Irvine. Cooroy. 27th October, "15


          Morning Sue,

Pictures of Oramor Aerith getting ready for a sleep after a big morning playing.

Nigel Gibson 27/10/15


 Good morning Sue,
Just letting you know  Oramor Aerith got to Mt Isa safe, she is doing ok, she was looking for her mum, but still come up for pats. Will be going home to cloncurry soon, Thank you so much for her.
She will be very loved here.
Nigel 24th October, 2015

Good afternoon Sue,
First picture of Oramor Aerith, she has started to settle down, has had a good drink and had some dinner, we have been playing with her, she is curling up next to my foot.

Marcus & Melanie taking their blue pt. Siamese kitten home to meet big brother Oramor Oz.

Susan Isaac and family taking their Siamese kittens home.
 Hi Sue,  Thank you for the photos. The babies are gorgeous and have settled in beautifully - eating well, using litter tray, playing and sleeping. They were great in the car and as soon as Indie got here she was right at home.  She is very affectionate and vocal.  Talea is a little quieter but gets a lot of confidence from Indie. They are inseparable and sleep cuddled up together and call each other if one is out of sight.
Thank you for our beautiful kittens. They are very much loved by all the family.
Kind regards,  Susan Isaac, Brisbane 17/10/15


Oramor Eli

Oramor Eli was very keen to come with me on a recent trip, but he got tired while waiting.
Michelle Robinson. 2/9/15



Hi Sue,
Just to let you know that 'Oramor' Duke has made himself right at home both cats getting on well. 
Thank you so much for letting me have one your 'Oramor' Siamese kittens he is just gorgeous. 
He is all that I wanted and much more he certainly has us entertained with his playful antics and is bringing us much joy.
Christine Hamilton. South Kolan. Q 6/4/1
Oramor Duke, June, 15

Dukes antics keeps us all amused, he keeps fit by running the full length of 60 foot veranda and very long hallway he is sleek and muscly. 
Thank you once again for letting me have one of your kittens he is bringing us all a lot of joy. 
Christine Hamilton, South Kolan, Qld.

From: Christine Hamilton,
South Kolan Qld 4670. 
30th July 2015
Dear Sue,  
Oramor Duke has recovered well after being neutered,  but did not quieten him down, he is still full of energy and very full on but that is the nature of a Siamese kitten. My Himalayan is 7 years older than Duke. They play together often either playing chasing up and down the hallway or in the cover on the new couch. Duke hides in under it and Kimba pokes at him this goes on for ages particularly when a weather change is coming.
The running up the hallway gets rather loud as we have timber floors and has resulted in a few broadsides in the lounge room then out through the doors onto the veranda. This is usually Duke as he runs so fast he can’t stop. 
Our 60 foot veranda is covered from top to bottom in shade cloth mesh which he climbs just like spider man. It is so funny to watch. He likes watching the birds and runs with them when they fly the length of the veranda into a large Jacaranda tree just of the end. 
I am glad you told me about the hair ties he just loves them. I brought a pack of 25 each time I gave him one he would lose it and he comes to my room to get another one out of the bag. I saw him flick it under the TV cabinet this morning and David got a stick to retrieve it and found about 7 under it the rest are probably under the fridge or couch.
Once again thank you for letting us have one of your Oramor Siamese kittens, we both love Duke very much and he brings us a lot of joy and happiness. What can I say, I just love cats. 
Christine Hamilton.


Oramor Oki was feeling the cold. Here he is adapting to his new jumper. He is a handsome boy!
Kathy D'Herville.




Hello Sue,
Its been a while since I have contacted you, but I thought you should know the unhappy news about "Oramor"Desmo.

It is with a truly shattered heart I must tell you that on Sunday afternoon, I had to let my best little mate go.
The Big Eared Galoot
The Blue Eyed Terror
The Noisy little Bastard
He has been crook for the last week, with many ups and downs, just as we thought he was on the mend he would start to deteriorate again.
We dropped him off to the Vet Sunday morning, and he had exploratory Surgery the same day, which unfortunately located a large amount of Cancer through his Lymphatic system, The Vet called and we went in and said our goodbyes while he was still under the General Anesthetic.
I stayed with him until he took his last breath. Truly one of the hardest and most soul destroying things I have ever had to do in my life. But I didn't want him to be alone when he passed.
He was with us for 7 years, and in those 7 years he lived the life of a King, wanting for nothing, and becoming my noisy, bitey companion.
He slept hard up against my chest every night from only a few days after he first arrived home. He would often give Lisa the evil eye when she would get into bed beside me, giving her a look that said "He's mine, not yours!"
I bear many scars from many a rough and tumble play session from which I walked away from cut and bloody. He would run around the house yelling, howling and with a massive kink in his tail, charging at me when he was on the mat in the front room because I dared to turn away from him. (The little bugger had no fear!) 
He would growl like a dog and run up the hallway when the front gate rattled or someone knocked at the door.
Some people say Cats have no personality, I dare them to say that after they would have met Desmo, all of our friends and family are shocked to see him gone, he had the same effect on them, within minutes of first meeting him, they all fell under his charm, he had them wrapped around his paw!
His favorite spot was by the fireplace or in a sunny spot just soaking up the warmth, he could be a rough and tumble brute or a big old sook who wanted to curl with you and sleep on your lap.
He would get angry at me when I went outside and he couldn't come along, he wanted to be everywhere I was, He would get most upset when I would go to work on Sunday, Lisa said he would yell the house down, he always offered an opinion and would greet me when I got home with baby meows and would stand on the kitchen bench wanting a head rub and pats, thrilled to see I was home.
He was never subtle, Lisa tells me all the time when I would get up early in the morning and she was still in bed, he would be yelling at me, I would be
telling him to be quiet and saying "Shhh!" so she could sleep, but she would lie there quietly laughing to herself as I lost the argument.
He was a whirlwind of noisy mayhem, chaos and destruction, but most of all my little furry mate.
But now my big eared Galoot is gone.
And we are truly devastated at his passing.
Kindest regards,
Mitch Keys and Lisa Kane,
Launceston Tasmania 7250

Hello Sue,
Well after much discussion and thinking Lisa and I have decided to bring another "Oramor" Siamese into our home. We miss the whirlwind of energy and noise since "Oramor" Desmo has left us, we are a family of four, and as a trio things are a little quiet.
We will never replace Desmo, every cat that has been in our lives has had such a distinct personality, he is
gone, but will never ever be forgotten.
Kindest regards
Mitch Keys and Lisa Kane.
Launceston Tasmania.
Hello Sue,
We have been reading both your blog and Facebook, you gave Lisa access last night to your facebook page, so we have been reading all about the devoted parents of your "Oramor"Kittens.
While we are upset and sad to see our wonderful Desmo leave us we are also excited to welcome a new addition to the family, another Oramor Siamese is most welcome in this household.
Mitch keys and Lisa Kane.
Hello Sue
Here are a few pictures of Desmo as promised. It was the hardest decision trying to figure out what to send, we have so many pictures, little videos of him walking on his leash.
I have included a few of him doing his favorite things, checking out the kids walking home from School, warming himself in front of the Fire (His absolute favorite thing to do, I would be sitting on the floor trying to light the fire and he would be pushing his way in to sit on my lap so he was there ready for when the fire was warm, didn't matter that he was in the way, as long as was there the second that fire place started to heat up!)
Coming in for a cuddle, or simply sitting up on the scratching post catching the last of the afternoon Sun.
He lived like a King, he knew he was the boss of the house and he changed our lives in more ways than we imagined.
We miss his energy, loudness and volume level. He may have only been with us for seven years before Cancer took him away from us, but what an amazing seven years, and if I had my time over again, knowing that I would only get seven years with him before he would leave us, I would do it all again in a heartbeat! 
Desmo is gone, but will never, ever, be forgotten!
Kind regards
Mitch Keys and Lisa Kane
The big ears and big blue eyes we have grown to love!
They look great! 



Hello Sue,
"Oramor Loki is settling in extremely well. Within hours of getting here he was out and exploring, wanting food and fascinated with our other cat Taz. Taz on the other hand was not very thrilled to see Loki, but the relationship is improving steadily.
Since Loki arrived we have had a cold snap and we were a little concerned that he might struggle with the cold, but he has been handling the colder temps better than we had hoped, and he loves sleeping under the blanket each night around my feet.
He is a very different cat to 'Oramor' Desmo, but that energy, noise and doing everything at full tilt is still the same. He has big crazy bursts of energy and runs off around the house, ears flat against his head, tail puffed up yelling the house down.
I have attached a picture of him this afternoon having a snooze with me on the couch.
Kind regards
Mitch and Lisa, Tasmania. 21st June,2015

Hello Sue,
Young Loki is going very well, typical of any kitten he is pushing the
boundaries and trying to get away with as much as he can.
He has been for his next vaccination with our local Vet, and what was meant to be a 15 minute visit turned into an hour, he can certainly turn on the charm, the Vet didn't want to let him go! She and he got on very well. But he seems to be like that with everyone, he has no fear of going up to  anyone who visits, and within a matter of minutes he has them wrapped around his little paw.
Even more amazing he and Taz are
getting on quite well! they have a couple of serious play sessions each day, and truly surprising
is that Taz is even letting Loki sleep up against her, she has never done that with any other cat before, maybe he simple wore her down!
I have included a picture of him and Taz having a snooze on the couch overlooking the patio.
He sleeps in "Oramor" Desmo's old spot on the back of the Couch, lazing in the Sun by the big front window, this is also a good spot to see who is coming in the front gate and watch the birds playing in the Crab Apple tree.
But he has recently discovered the guest bedroom, a Queen size bed, Sun drenched from early afternoon,with another big window to 
watch the world drift by.
As you can by the pictures, they are certainly not struggling, it's a tough life! ;)
Warmest regards,
Mitch and Lisa, Tasmania. 9/7/15


Email from Constantina Vasarmidis

Vale Oramor Cleopatra 

Oramor Cleopatra
At around 9.30 am this morning my baby Cleo was hit by a car outside our house.
I am a complete wreck today and already miss her very much :( she was the most affectionate lively calm angel I have ever ever known and I'm really heart broken she was only in my life for a short time. I buried her today wrapped in the blanket you sent her to me with, I burnt some sage and said prayers for her passage into the next life. And perhaps if at any point I'm ready for another pet I will contact you, but at this stage it's just too difficult to even try and replace her.
 I have added some photos of our family happy moments that you may use on your site if you chose I would like to keep her memory alive she was taken away from me way too soon.  She was just the best ever so heart broken :(



Email from Constantina Vasarmidis, Hobart.
Oramor Osiris, blue point Siamese is quite the active explorer. 
Oramor Neo, chocolate point, seems  to be growing bigger and fast he eats a lot, loves his cuddles and he quite likes a warm bath smile emoticon 
Couldn't ask for better babies they are amazing


Bruce Heath of Cooroy meeting his
 'Oramor' Blue Point Siamese kitten. 
Jenny and Bruce say they just love their
 "Oramor" Rama, he has made himself right at home and is full of fun and energy.



 "Oramor" Linc

From Katelyn Muller:-    
Who needs a TV when you have a character like this in the family?

Lilac Point Siamese

 "Oramor" Linc is almost 7 months old now and growing by the day. 
He is a delight and the best friend my son has ever had. 
Thank you Sue

From Narelle:-                  

                                It's this cool cats 1st birthday today.

 Happy Birthday "Oramor" Keiko, such unconditional love you have brought to my life.

Oramor Keito, Seal Point and Oramor Saki, Lilac Point Siamese

From: Narelle.
This is 'Oramor' Miss Saki, she is almost 8 months old. It has taken a little while for her personality to really come out, but she is lying in bed with me here and most late nights studying she doesn't leave my side. I think she is championing me on while I read her the word of God and I study my biblical studies.

'Oramor' Burmese & Siamese has changed our lives and completed our family. 
I could seriously spam your news feed with pics.

From Steve.
And 'Oramor'  Keiko at the other end of the bed, which is unusual as this time of night they usually come to life and have a party as we sleep.   21/4/15

'Oramor Keiko and 'Oramor' Saki just popping in to say hi,
Steve , 7/5/15


Sue ...this is the beautiful girl 'Oramor' Lilly, as you can see she loves her igloo.
She is one very loved Siamese. 
 Lilly is such an affectionate girl, we love her as much as she loves us. 
All our family and friends want to take her home with them. She is just a pleasure to have around, she's not real loud which we love too.. Lilly's also very clever, she knows how to open our sliding door to the bedroom if our sons not home to cuddle her.
We would love to get her a friend to play with, we would be interested in a little male seal point when you have kittens available.
We have recommended you to our friends in Melbourne who have fallen in love with our gorgeous Lilly.
Thanks Jenni Hudaverdi, Mt.Wallace.


Dear Sue, Opehia has quickly become part of our family.

'Oramor' Ophelia is really finding her feet, a very cheeky little girl.  She adores Max.

Kara Irvine. Cooroy, 1/12/14


Hello Sue, just to let you know Marty is 5 yrs old and is the personality of the neighbourhood.
Cheers Melanie Ho, Brisbane, 8/12/`4



Oramor Velcro was flown to Mackay to become a companion to a beautiful young  lady, Tammy.
They have a special bond.

Great news Sue .!! .. Good to know that Velcro is rewarded with lots of full on attention. I know that there will be a huge loving bond with the family as Velcro has a lot to give and enjoys a lot of affection and gives more back in return .  Is a wonderful home for her .. I am so pleased for all .. 
Huggies Brother Steve 


'Oramor' Sheba, Blue Point Siamese kitten

Hi Sue.
Sheba is very happy here and she and Pippin our dog are becoming great mates.

She loves to go and sit with him on his rug.  She is very healthy, playful and sleeps well. It feels like we have had her for much longer than a week. She is delightful. Thank you. Sarah, Ashgrove. 22/11/14



Dear Sue,
Oh she is sooo beautiful!!!!
Constantina Vasarmidis, Tasmania.



Hey Sue,Just thought I'd let you know that we are all enjoying Linc very muchand he has truly become part of the family.
He is such a lively little boy and growing by the day, it is hard to capture a good photo.  He and Mischief have become inseparable and call out for each other when out of sight.  Mind you, I think Mischief is taking advantage of there being another bowl of food out and is also growing (outwards, that is).
I will continue to keep you apprised of Linc's progress and will send more pics when I can pin him down.
Kind regards, Katelyn Muller, Hervey Bay. 30/10/14 

Hi Sue,
I hope you are well.As you will see from the attached photos, 'Oramor' Linc and Mischief have adjusted extremely well and he has become the Master of His Domain.-- 
Kind Regards, Katelyn Muller,Hervey Bay10/11/14 


Hi Sue,
We purchased a Siamese kitten (Oramor Flowersparkle) from you nearly two years ago. I have been meaning to write to you for a long time to let you know how well she has fitted into our family. Our children were four and two when she arrived. I have never known a cat to be so happy and tolerant of children, she follows them everywhere and sleeps with them too. Flowersparkle is also very playful, even as an adult cat and plays all sorts of games with the kids too. She has never been aloof (as often cats are accused of this characteristic) and loves to be part of whatever is going on. 
Yesterday she even played with the kids flying their kites - she playfully chased the kites and it was so lovely to see.
We are considering getting a playmate for her, another Siamese, to keep her company when we are not home. Do you have any kittens available? Do you think she will adjust well to a sister/brother?
Warm regards,Vanessa. Maleny, Qld. 29/9/14

Hi Sue, thought you might like to see my Siamese enjoying life on their first birthday,
John John Lewis, Maleny. 19/6/14



 Hi Sue,
Thanks for your call.  Our baby is more relaxed, he is alert and  playing.  Here he is smuggled up. 
Will stay in touch. 
 Michelle, Hervey Bay, 10/6/14 

Hi Sue, Thank you very much for breeding 2 beautiful female seal point Siamese kittens. Milly & lilly are doing great. Taking over the house.  But we love it.
Take care,
Deborah Davis.   Brisbane. 19/7/14

Hi Sue, 
Had always intended to send regular updates of our Siamese baby's progress. We purchased him from you in September 2012.  Initially I had named him Cintai but we changed his name to Oki which is Japanese for open sea.  (Like the colour of his eyes).  Suits him anyway.
We live in the Noosa hinterland where he is predominantly an inside cat but we take him outside for accompanied walks on our 2 acre block.
He is a gorgeous boy and my partner and I love him dearly!

Kathy D'herville, 19/5/14

"Oramor" Siamese Oklahoma, USA
Hi Sue,We bought a Siamese kitten from you in 2007, while we were living in Australia, and he is totally wonderful.  We would like to buy another Siamese, however we are now back home in the US.
We live in Oklahoma.  It would be fairly easy for us to go to Dallas/Ft. Worth or Houston. 
Intelligence and personality are very important to us in a family cat.  We know from experience that you breed wonderful Siamese cats.  
Tamera Mayo, DVM, Oklahoma. USA 6/12/13
Hi Sue, We will take 2 kittens.  We would like the chocolate female (she looks incredibly sweet) and one of the seal point males. We like tons of personality and character...we readily acknowledge the cats as the ruler of the household (lol). 7/12/13
Hi Sue, We have first hand experience with how wonderful your kittens are.
We are excited and look forward to our 2 new family members.
Tamera 8/12/13

Zumba, my Shetland Sheep Dog with 'Oramor' Siamese Kittens 4/2/14
Photos are great.   
Hard to wait another week!!
Oklahoma. 5/2/14

'Oramor' Seal & Chocolate Pt. Siamese Kittens

Sue, What lovely kitties, and the dogs look marvellous too.  
All the way to Hillbilly country . . . . .  what a trip! ! !  
Never for a second think that you don't breed wonderful kitties - 
it can't be hard to get them in the States, and they chose you ! ! ! ! !  A world away. 
Leah Jones, Bauple, 5/1/14


They are so gorgeous, Sue.  
Good luck to them and their big trip over to Oklahoma.  
Love Sr. Rose Cavallo                                                                                                              
Sally, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with Siamese kittens.
      Dear Sue, Geeeeee your kittens sure get around.  You must be an excellent breeder to have overseas customers.  That's excellent. PamellaDomin. 11/2/14

Hi Sue,
Good job, nice photos 
Pete. Townsville.
Fabulous pics Sue. 
They are beautiful kittens. 
I'm sure that will be very happy with them in Oklahoma, but the kittens will miss their doggie friends and of course you too.
Gail & Keith Enno. 
Poona. 5/2/14

Siamese kittens in Brisbane, Pet Transport
Hello Sue and Tamera,
 I have added some of today's photos. They were the stars in our office...You can see so many of us being amazed by the little ones. And they were both so cuddly.
Tamera, be ready for 2 gorgeous little creatures.
I will keep you updated of their flights tomorrow.
All the best,
Kind Regards
Biljana Popandonova
Dogtainers International Pet Travel Consultant

Looks like they know how to win hearts. We are very excited and looking forward to our first cuddle.
Tamera. Oklahoma. 11/2/14

Hello Tamera, 
Oh yes, these 2 kitties win you over at the first glance…with their calmness, independence and just by being Oramor Kittens J 
It won’t be long now until you can cuddle with them. 
Cheers, Bibi 
Biljana Popandonova
Dogtainers International Pet Travel Consultant 

Most welcome Sue, 
It is really hard for one not to love your kitties really Keep them coming to us please J 
Cheers, Bibi 

 I had the best cuddles yesterday from your two little 'Oramor' Siamese kittens that stopped by Dogtainers on their way overseas. 
They were absolutely gorgeous J 
Kind Regards,Shelley Fellows 
Dogtainers Domestic Pet Travel Consultant  

              "Oramor" Siamese safe arrival in Oklahoma, USA

 Email from Oklahoma

We are all home safe and sound.  It went very smoothly.  Because I had the documents, I was able to clear the kittens with customs before the plane landed.  It was on time and I had the kittens soon after that and was on the road to Oklahoma by 2:45...pretty amazing, really.
They are tired but doing very well, they ate, drank lots of water and used the litter box on the road trip home.  Even tired they are curious and busy exploring.
Many thanks to all,

Hello Tamera,
Thanks so much for the feedback. They are real cuties and I wish you all the best with them in the future.
Glad to know having the documents copies in advance helped you speed up the process.
Whenever we can assist Sue and you again, it will be our utmost pleasure.
All the best,
Kind Regards
Biljana Popandonova
Dogtainers International Pet Travel Consultant 

Thank you Bibi for your part in getting the kittens safely to Dallas.

Awww…that’s sweet.
Thanks Sue and keep them coming…we all love your kitties company. They are simply enchanting.
Take care and enjoy our furry family,

They are beautiful, adorable, very playful and full of purrs.  It's amazing how well you breed and raise beautiful Siamese cats that are also wonderful companions.  Well worth the effort of getting from half a world  away!
Cheers,Tamera  17/2/14
 Hello Sue and Steve,
This is a photo of Odi at his new home. He is settling in well and loves my grandchildren.
He is just beautiful and loved by all.
When you have time, could you please send me a photo of his sire and dam?
Thank you.
Kind regards
 McDowall. 19/5/14

Hi Sue,
"Oramor' Keiko is wonderful. He certainly loves his cuddles and is quite happy to sit on my chest just purring away and he also likes to hop in my t-shirt and curl up on my skin.
At bed time he sneaks into the kids rooms and likes to sleep with them during the night and he is very excited when I get home and loves to greet me. 
Thank you so much for our beautiful Keiko. We are blessed to have him as a part of our family.
Hope that you had a wonderful holiday :)
Kind Regards
Narelle.   Bundamba, Q 15/5/14

Hi Sue,
Just a note to thank you for such a lovely kitten.  "Oramor" Taffy, seal point male Siamese kitten is a delight and so much fun.  He fetches and never seems to get tired
of it unfortunately.  Has taken over the house and is growing so fast.  Taffy loves people and plays with the dog next door who is very patient.  Not sure he would be like that with any other but they have certainly bonded.  He is an inside cat that we let out under supervision.
Just thought you may be interested in hearing about him
Kindest regards
Geoff and Elaine, Dalby. Qld.  31/3/14

Hi Sue,
Just wondering how a day like this affects you?

Oramor Beau, Seal Point Siamese kitten leaving for flight to Albury.
Little ones you have cherished for so long leaving the nest.
We wish you safe travelling and hope your temperatures are not like ours. It’s going to be a second day of 44 degrees here.
We have some ideas for keeping kitty cool on his way home from Albury. He will have been travelling 12 hours by the time we get him home. Shall ring you the moment we get in.
Thank you so much for all your attention to our information requests.
You are a pleasure to have in our lives.
All good wishes,
Christina and Michael Nash, Albury.  17/1/14

Hi Sue,
Just an update of progress to date. We have found our Oramor Siamese kitten delightful, playful and a bundle of energy. He has taken over all the most comfortable chairs in the home  and is seeking further meaningful relationships with the 2 Yorkshire Terriers who seem just a little bit uncertain about him – but they are improving!
Thank you for all the documentation. He has grown in the few days he has been with us, seems very happy and life would already be different if he wasn’t around.
His name to be is a little uncertain since certain connotations  relating to the name "Moonshine" became apparent. 'Sunny' seems to fit his personality. He is a little charmer.
Thanks again
Michael and Christina. Albury. 28/1/14 

'Oramor" Cepheus, Seal Pt. Siamese

Hi Sue, just a word or two to let you know Kitty (now renamed Cepheus) is doing very well, has most of the household under his control and is enjoying life.  The Yorkshire Terriers are slowly adopting him (due to his insistence) and he just is a bundle of energy waiting for some place to happen.
Pic taken this  morning with him looking out through a very strong wire mesh window – perhaps dreaming of “what I could do if only I could get out there”.
Thanks again Sue,
Cheers, Michael and Christina 1/2/14

Hi Sue,
Been a bit of time since we last communicated but in that time Cephe has gone from strength to strength. Lovely character, has to be with us at all times and is an absolute delight to have in the family.
Today he went for his “big” operation and Micro chipping, Booster Vaccination which he came through OK and got a good report from the Vet as to his progress.
Despite his experience at the Vet he has been playing with some of his toys, but he does seem a little quieter – as would be expected.
When we put him in his transport cage this morning to take to the Vet who is next door to us he had what seemed a fit. Very scary at the time but was overcome by taking him out of the cage and cuddling him. There has been no repeat since. Opinion varies as to why it happened but perhaps he was just so scarred that his body reacted this way. Perhaps it was going back into his transit container. The Vet was advised of this event and checked him out thoroughly before proceeding and found him in good health and condition.
So he is back from the Vet and is next to me as I type this email. Purring as usual and just wanting to get closer.
Once again Sue we are delighted with Cephe, he is a joy and the Vet says he will continue with the same personality post his little “op”.
Thank you for sending us such a lovely creature.  We are so appreciative.
Have a lovely Easter. We hope you remain in good health and are enjoying life.
All good wishes

Christina and Michael Nash. 7th April,'14
A card written to Sue by  "Oramor" Ceheus,  Siamese Cat

Dearest Sue,
It has been on my heart to write and thank you for your kindness and sensitivity in sending me a true soul mate, "Oramor Pelagia.
She was a bit feisty at first, but now, one week one she knows I have the upper rule and we share an amicable understanding. We are inseparable and nothing in the world matters - I am besotted and in love. 
Very grateful to you Sue for your understanding and compassion.
It Spirit Always,
'Oramor' Ceheus - Siamese boy
Hi Sue,
Photos of two lovebirds who seem
 just smitten with each other.

Thank you for making Ceheus’s life “complete”
Michael and Christina 11/6/14

 Hi Sue,
Just an update to let you know
Oramor “Pele” had her “op” today.
Oramor Cephe is quite bereft with her absence.They both love each other and can’t be separated.
Appreciate all your help and concerns,
All good wishes
Michael and Christina Nash, Wangaratta. Victoria.30/7/14

Hi Sue,                                                                                         
 "Oramor" Jaz and Bella posed just for this photo. 
They were so cute I couldn't resist. 
Robyn Manjimup WA

Hi Sue,
Hope this email finds you well.  
This is 'Oramor' Lilly...she is just a delight..loves us all,and is a genius at opening sliding doors.
We have such a special bond. 
Regards Jenni.

"ORAMOR" MALO and MIA, Charters Towers
Hi Sue,
I think of you often with my beautiful Malo and Mia  who are now 2 years plus now. They are such good friends as you can see and are very spoilt